A Concave Glass Mirror at Home: Functions and Benefits

It sounds weird probably but a concave glass mirror can give many good effects on your house. Something weirder is probably when you hear that not all mirrors in your house are actually flat. Some of them are concave including the mirror in your dresser. If you define it, a concave mirror is a mirror in which the surface reflects light to the backside. The normal line is the line that passes through the center of the curvature. So, before talking about how to apply this type of glass mirror at home, here are some characteristics you should know.

antique convex mirror

The Characteristics of a Concave Glass Mirror

A concave glass mirror is convergent, meaning that the reflection tends to be grouped in a particular spot. That’s why; if you calculate it using a physical formula, the focus value is always positive. Meanwhile, the reflection is made depending on the distance or the location of the object. The space of the reflection is also enlarged if the space is right in the object’s space. The reflection is known to be unreal but also upright. In some cases, concave mirrors produce upside down reflections. However, it is depending on the space or chamber where the reflection is produced.

A Concave Glass Mirror for a Dresser’s Mirror

It is probably a little bit surprising and unbelievable that your dresser’s mirror is not a flat mirror. Yes, it is a concave mirror but the level of curvature is not that big. That’s why; it gives an effect which is very similar to a flat mirror. Maybe, you are wondering why it is that way since a flat mirror seems to be more perfect in producing reflection mainly when you are dressing. Well, it is about a marketing technique actually mainly if the mirror is in the fitting room or in a beauty center. A concave mirror tends to make the object look thinner. So, your body may look slimmer this way. Even your face looks more oval as well. Undeniably, it is the beauty standard for many people.

convex mirror wall convex oval mirror

A Concave Glass Mirror for Home Decorations

It depends on your wants for sure whether your dressing mirror will be concave or flat. Indeed, if you want to be honest to yourself, a flat mirror seems to be better. However, it is a different story when talking about home decorations. There are some mirrors that are fully intended for decorations or ornaments anyway. Mirrors, in general, have an effect to make a house look larger mainly if you have a problem with the narrow one. But hanging all flat mirrors on the wall seems boring. So, you should replace some of them with concave mirrors in various designs and sizes. Margo Venetian Mirror is one of the brands that provide this type of mirror.

antique convex mirror

Other Functions of a Concave Glass Mirror

Aside from home decorations, a concave mirror has so many benefits in our life. This material can even be simply found in some tools at home. For example, they are the reflector of our car’s lamp, the reflector of the flashlight, a part of the disc antenna, and many more.