Turning a Room into a Palace

Many people say that my house is my palace, so with this term, people will compete to decorate their house by decorating your room with Venetian Mirrors. This will add to the impression of an old kingdom and of course you will be the talk of your friends who have luxury mirrors. Venetian mirrors themselves are now the target of many collectors and collectors and now only a few produce Venetian mirrors, so it is not surprising that many people are looking for Venetian mirrors to decorate their homes. The mirror certainly has an important role in the room of the house with limited space with a mirror hanging on it. walls so that the impression of space becomes wider. For the explanation will be helped by his presence.

Decorative venetian mirror
ventian mirror

Until now, mirrors have developed into various decoration models. Mirrors can also be used as mirror tables, mirror cabinets and even beds made of mirrors. And that’s why the mirror can be the right choice. There are many designs to choose from according to your taste. full length venetian with oval, round or rectangular frame and heart which has elegant art. The Venetian mirror is a beautiful and elegant masterpiece. To distinguish the existence and function of each room, a sketch mirror can be placed from an antique mirror. Apart from being a decoration, it can be a beam of light and a wider space.

venetian mirror
Round Venetian Mirror

That is why Venetian style mirrors have an important role in interior design. In addition, the use of furniture with different styles for each room feels similar in order to give a harmonious impression, of course, providing comfort for the occupants. Additional shelving members hit the wall against a plain white wall. The furniture used should use mirror furniture.