Venetian Wall Mirrors

No Day Without Venetian Wall Mirrors – Ma ny already know what Venetian Wall Mirrors is, a carved mirror that can only be made with professional hand skills. This mirror comes from one of the largest cities in Italy, the city of Venice. because it has its own uniqueness. This mirror itself has existed in the interior sector since the days of the kingdom. Venetian Mirror is now a trend and much sought after from the lower middle class. In addition, mirrors have also spread all over the world. But not all places can make a  Venetian Wall Mirror Large , because only people who are experienced in the field of mirrors can.

After today’s developments, Venetian Wall Mirrors have several designs that will add value to your interior. There are Oval Wall Mirrors, Rectangular Venetian Mirrors, Round Venetian Mirrors and also specially designed for your living room or bedroom. In addition, Venetian Mirror Style also has a different motif.

Vintage Venetian Wall Mirror

Vintage Venetian Wall Mirror is a blend of Venetian Style and Antique Style. Motif design is highly sought after by many people because it has a classic impression and is also interspersed with a modern style that attracts your attention. If you want a house that has a classic feel, you can choose the mirror to appear in your home.

Antique Venetian Mirrors
Antique Venetian Mirrors

Modern Venetian Mirror

This motif is no less interesting than the previous design. Modern Venetian Mirrors are deliberately designed for people who like minimalist interiors. There are also those that are designed in a royal style with the addition of gold nuances that make Gold Venetian Mirror a dream of the people. Some Dare people rent to make Venetian mirrors other than as decoration to show off their wealth to their colleagues. We often encounter Venetian mirror company in several regions of Indonesia.

To make decorations at home or in the palace and still being creative today, it’s no wonder that Venetian mirrors currently exist in Indonesia. At first, Venetian mirrors were quite rare and looked very expensive. A large venetian mirror can be used as a focal point for a residence or dining room.

Gold Venetian Mirror
Gold Venetian Mirror

Those are some designs of Venetian Mirror Style that we can find. As said earlier, you can instantly bring a Full Length Venetian Mirror into your bedroom by placing a Venetian mirror rug. As you already know, mirrors don’t just serve as a medium for checking your reflection. But this furniture can also be a perfect decorative element that can increase the aesthetic value of home interior design. It is also a smart solution to create the illusion of a wider room. Antique tapestry mirrors are usually very decorative, with intricate carvings on the frames.

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