The Types of Antique Mirror Glass to Find

Types Of Antique Mirror Glass – Mirrors are everywhere around us and used for a variety of purposes. If you walk in the city, you can only see your reflection on the mirror on the building. We have a mirror in our house, some for decoration and others for verification purposes if we wear elegant clothes before leaving home.

Among the ornate mirrors available, there are known with extraordinary antique mirrors when it comes to decorating the world. They have an effect that combines functional and artistic impact on the eyes of the viewers. The antique mirror is placed at the highest level of interest in beauty and decoration. They have a rich history and portray a kind of reality that not only comes with other types of Old Antique Mirror Glass.

How does to antique mirror look like? It has a wooden frame that can be beautifully decorated using some embossing patterns depending on one’s taste. If you do not like windows, you can always update them to your likes and preferences. The mirror itself attracts attention and adds a touch of elegance to the surface that you will place on it. Here some Types Of Antique Mirror Glass:

  1. Gothic Mirror

The Gothic mirror is associated with periods between the 12th and 16th centuries and is sometimes known as the Medieval Gothic. The revival of the 19th century is also known as Victorian Gothic-style. Common style features include a pointed arch at the top, usually dark wooden frames and ornate carvings.

  1. Baroque

The Baroque mirror is from the seventeenth century and includes the general characteristics of elliptical style, usually made of oak or walnut frame, often gold-plated and silver frame and less gothic decoration.

  1. Rococo

The Rococo mirror arrived early in the middle of the 18th century. The pattern is rectangular or oval with flat bottom, gold and gold carving at the top of the frame, which is often a walnut or mahogany with carvings often in the form of flowers.

  1. Georgia

The Georgia mirror is often rectangular with symmetrical symmetry and colors like color compared to pre-mirror models.

  1. Regency

The Regency period causes the mirror to be designed with an oval shape and a narrow frame. The mahogany frames are preferred, as well as gold plated. Fine patterns with distinctive floral or paper forms are often applied.

  1. Victoria

Victorian-style mirrors consist of contrasting designs, and the mirrors are dark or white wood with ornate and heavy designs with inspiration often inspired by gothic forms.

  1. Edwardian

The Edwardian mirrors of the early 20th century are characterized by subtle influences and similar subtle colors. This pattern is based on elements and characteristics that are different from the previous patterns of the past era.

  1. Art Nouveau

Artifacts from the Art Nouveau period include zigzag lines, dramatic designs and nature inspired motifs. Pewter frames are common, and the frame is painted black. Colored glass is often used to add a touch of Art Nouveau mirror.


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