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Venetian style mirrors

Venetian style mirrors

In previous articles I’ve written extensively about the mirrors.  Last post I wrote about the secret Venetian mirrors to decorate the interior. Venetian style mirrors while I will present in this article.

Venetian Style mirrors are unlike in the picture frame.  Shape mirror frame can be made more diverse. The basic shape is often applied to the mirror Venetian mirror frame is square and round. Of both motifs were inspired to make the other styles. Style mirror is like as oval, rectangular, octagon, triangular to irregular shapes. The following I will convey more detail about the advantages of each of these styles mirror.

The first is the style oval mirrors.
This style is in interest by women.  Peaceful and romantic impression placed on this style. Bedroom is a subscription to hang. For choosing the style oval mirrors make the right choice. Oval mirror does have its own advantages compared to other styles. table mirrors with size 100 tall x 50cm wide and 75 tall used to be a couple for an oval item. We recommend choosing large size (140cm tall x 70cm). Because this size to match the width and height us, so when using it at the time we sat down to see all of our bodies. Glass engraving and rounded on any part of the frame that surrounds the center of glass making more elegant. This item is also great for a wedding gift or a present for someone you love.


The second is rectangular mirrors.
Rectangle is the most common form of publication. This style has a formal impression, rational, static and neutral. No wonder this style most in interest. Besides, Venetian mirrors with elegant style is also made ​​with a large size. Addition to perfecting the form of a crown on top of its beauty.  Wall can be decorated with hanging vertically and horizontally. Be mounted horizontally wider pond, calm and flat. if vertical will add more slender and taller. Install within their taste buds. Should place the table or console either of wood or glass as a partner. However, it will seem stiff and dull if the furniture in the room a lot of the rectangular well. As a workaround, apply varies thickness, size and additional ornaments like flower vase on it.

The third is octagon style mirrors.
Geometric shapes other than rectangular shape with seamless side is more irregular, like the octagon. More and more the closer circle shape. Octagon symbolizes symbolizing the eight cardinal directions. This form can be an inspiration form a variety of furniture so the room. For Venetian mirrors the motif is made ​​to appear raised or uneven. In European countries, these items are in the interest to be decorative mirrors. One of supplier in Indonesia Venetian mirrors flooded with orders for the item Spain, English and France. Look formal, elegant very strong with this item so that it fits hung on a table or cabinet on the living room.

The fourth is an irregular force style mirrors.
Irregular shape frame is an option beyond geometric shapes. Irregular no means arbitrary or not asterism, but a more flexible, combining straight lines and curved, organic shapes, adopt a form of nature, such as flowers, stars, shells, hearts, leaves and other fruits. With this form, Venetian mirrors would look more expressive, dynamic and not monotonous. Irregular mirror styles are also easily become a focal point.

Provide beauty in spatial definitely a priority for the owner. Venetian style mirrors now come with many options. Give the best to the good quality of the main tasks would be the main one. Please get the choice of motifs Venetian mirrors here.

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