Antique Mirror Oval

Antique Wall Mirror Contemporary Decoration

Antique wall mirror is a mirror that is currently on the rise, because it has a very unique characteristic.
The reason is, there are black spots on the surface of the mirror but they are not evenly distributed, making this mirror look decades old.
Indeed, the antique mirror manufacture is rarely found, because the process is very complicated and requires people who are experienced in the field.
This mirror is one of the contemporary decorations, which is very much in demand, especially among artists and the general public.
Usually this type of mirror is placed in a special room for antiques, so here are some antique mirrors that you can use as decorations:

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Venetian Antique Mirror

Antique venetian mirror, surely you are no stranger to this type of mirror, right? This is one of the newest types.
Although the latest type, but the demand is very much when compared to other types.

Antique Wall Mirror
Venetian Antique Mirror

This mirror always comes with very beautiful carvings, and attracts the eye of the beholder, this mirror is the result of a combination.
Black spots on the surface of the mirror that are not thorough, add to a very beautiful impression, especially with this very elegant carving.

Very charming isn’t it? This mirror is also often displayed on the living room wall, because it can add aesthetic value in a room.
In addition to providing its own value, the mirror also gives a beautiful and elegant feel to the room.
Mirrors can also be displayed on living room walls, bedroom walls, bathroom walls, and even used on hotel walls, and others.

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Distressed Wall Mirror

Have you seen or heard of the mirror below? This is an antique mirror that has a thick black pattern on its surface.
Often called the Distressed wall mirror, this classic mirror is very popular among the general public to art connoisseurs.

Antique Wall Mirror
Distressed Wall Mirror

This type is often used as a decoration in a room, which aims to add beauty to a room.
In addition, the classic design is able to bring memories of the past.

The mirror is perfect for display on the living room wall.
In addition, it can also be used as a display in other rooms such as the walls of the family room, and others.

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Contemporary Antique Mirror

Lastly, there is a mirror that is very, very unique, do you know its name? Contemporary antique mirror is the name for this beauty.
Look at this unique design that can amaze you.
It’s like a pile of rocks, isn’t it? but make no mistake this is made of glass.
Coupled with thick black spots on the mirror surface, making it look more beautiful.

Antique Wall Mirror
Contemporary Antique Mirror

This mirror is usually displayed in the living room, to add to the beautiful impression, its use in a room will certainly give a new atmosphere.
If you are bored with the same home decor, you can use this mirror as a decoration in the house.

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