Avoiding the mirror from scratch and damage

Has vintage of beautiful Venetian mirrors hanging in the bedroom must have been a dream of womanhood. In particular to be a dress mirror. Because in front of the mirror that they need a much time to pamper yourself before doing their routines. Either prior to a party or social gathering. But if the mirror that there is a scratch in the middle part or parts of the frame can certainly eliminate the art in Venetian mirrors the beauty of it.

Therefore Venetian mirror manufacturer is very concerned in this regard. How to cope? We give some suggestions to this problem.
First: avoid Venetian mirror with a hard object collision. Each collision will cause scratches on the mirror. Mirror very sentiment with it.
Second: When cleaning the mirror is not with spray glass cleaner on the mirror. Because the liquid will drip on the sidelines of the mirror with wood. If that is done over and over again will result in a black fungus or damage mirrors. Prevention is the way when cleaning the mirrors use a clean cloth to absorb the liquid, spray on a cloth and clean the mirrors were dirty to clean.

Note: not recommended cleaning Venetian mirrors with rubber such as when cleaning glass windows or doors.

Venetian mirror art style is beauty product by handmade so if the mirror damage or scratch it is will be not good and I think you do not want be like that.

We hope this will be useful. If you use a glass mirror Venetian ornate and now broke, do not hesitate to consult with mirrors doctor.