Contemporary Glass Mirror Design Variations as a New Breakthrough in Furniture Art, Realizing a Luxurious and Artistic Home Decor!

Contemporary Glass Mirror is a formidable new breakthrough in the world of furniture art. Because, making creative and contemporary modifications according to the contemporary era on glass shapes and motifs. So, glass is not only used as a mirror but can be used as a home decoration decoration. Give an aesthetic and artistic touch to the interior of your home. Captivating the eye because of the charm of an attractive glass design, full of imaginative art. So, there are a variety of Contemporary Glass Mirror designs and motifs and frames that you can choose from as follows:


  1. Contemporary Glass Mirror With Luxury and Glamorous Frames Shaped Like Sunflowers

The first Contemporary Glass Mirror, using a luxurious and glamorous frame. Round shaped with a layer of sunflower-like design. The frame is made of clear and clear white silver, it looks luxurious and elegant. So, it can make the interior of your home charming and captivating the eye. Gives a special and soulful magnificent feel. Make the residents feel comfortable and the guests will be amazed by the decoration of your home. Moreover, it can not only be used as decorative glass, but also for mirrors. Because, glass is made of clear material so that it produces clear and clear image reflections.

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  1. Contemporary Glass Mirror Cubic Wall With Classy Frame and Luxury, Star Shaped

Do you like star shapes? You can choose the Contemporary Glass Mirror Cubic Wall, because it uses a star-shaped frame that looks classy and luxurious. Coupled with a double layer round shape around the star. Become a decorative glass that makes the interior of your home even more charming. Can be mounted on walls and will appear attached. Thus, making the interior of your home look more aesthetic and provide comfort.

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  1. Round Contemporary Glass Mirror with Unique and Artistic Frame Using Flower Painting Design

An extraordinary and awe-inspiring piece of furniture art. Because, it can give a touch of flower painting designs to the glass layer. So, it looks artistic and has a high artistic value. Capable of captivating the eye with an amazing imagination full of aesthetics. The round shape is illustrated by painting flowers on the glass, giving it a unique and antique feel. Appears more dramatic and has great charm. Making your home decor even more attractive to the eye, feels comfortable and at home in it.

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  1. Contemporary Glass Mirror, Square Shaped With Elegant Colors

Contemporary Glass Mirror is square in elegant color. Suitable to be installed on the wall of a minimalist type house. Because, the shape of a small square glass. Only functions as decorative glass that complements the beauty of your home decor. Cannot be used to reflect because the size is too small when attached to the wall.

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  1. Square and Double Shaped Contemporary Glass Mirror with Wax Painting Design in the Center

The latest Contemporary Glass Mirror, covered with square double glass. Equipped with a wax painting design in the middle of the glass. So, it looks unique and interesting. Of course this is a new creative and innovative idea. Become a work of art for furniture that has a selling value. Can be used as decorative glass that gives charm to the interior of your home.

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This is our article that discusses the Contemporary Glass Mirror. Become the most contemporary work of furniture art that fits today’s contemporary era. Providing a touch of design that is different from before, full of creativity and innovation. So, it looks aesthetic and artistic to look at. Able to make the interior atmosphere of the house more charming and attractive to the eye. Creating comfort and peace for the residents. How, are you interested in decorating your home with this awesome Contemporary Glass Mirror? Just order at Margovenetianmirror, get the best quality products with an amazing variety of creative designs!