Create Elegant Room by Venetian Mirrors

Various interior can be selected to balance the presence of furniture. One is framed in the style of Venetian Style Mirror. Not only as a reflective self, treat you while ornate mirrors are also able to make the room more artistic and seems spacious. It looks bright and sparkling load room too bright.
The concept mirrors the election is also a consideration decoration Novotel Hotel room in solo, Central Java. The interior of this hotel choose Oval Venetian mirror placed in each corner of the room as decorate the walls. Adding some furniture design is to pamper the occupants of the hotel. Hotel public relations explain the selection of Venetian mirrors not only in view of the function to reflect them, in addition to the shape of the mirror itself be the basis for consideration. Suppose Venetian rectangular mirror with a large size can be anywhere in the hotel lobby.
Selection of this is in view of the stylist space to create a space to be more beautiful. The grounds are spacious mirror effect, much brighter; of course guests can walk along the corridor while the mirror to freshen up. It was Clear expression of the Public relations during the encounter by Manufacture mirror of Margo Glass Gallery team.
Meanwhile, the consultant explained the room, generally used for ornate mirror. But with the development of architecture and interior, mirror function can now be adapted into the room elements as Venetian wall mirror, because the mirror can provide decorations and psychological effect on the room. Suppose that by making the mirrors as wall paper on the walls of measuring the size of the wall would be more elegant space. Make no mistake this time mirror apart bright color can also be a reproduction antique mirror that will take you to the era when the nearby 18th century. If in the furniture may have condensed recycle furniture primarily to name but if in a mirror in the know with antique Venetian mirrors.