Gold Venetian Mirror

Decorate Your Bedroom with the Venetian Style

Are you a fan of something old-fashioned, classy, elegant, and vintage? Then, get ready to fall in love with the Venetian design. Have you ever heard about this interior design? The Venetian design is considered as the most romantic interior design ever. It is a perfect style if you are a feminine and romantic person. So, how do you decorate your bedroom with this romantic style? One of the tips is simply placing a rugs mirror glass in your bedroom. Keep reading to know more.

Antique venetian mirror

Venetian Decorations

As it is said before, you can instantly bring the Venetian look to your bedroom by placing a rugs Venetian mirror. As you already know, a mirror does not only function as a media to check your reflection. But this piece of furniture can also be a perfect decorative element that can increase the aesthetic value of house interior designs. It is also a smart solution to create an illusion of a more spacious room. A rugs antique mirror is usually very decorative, with complicated engravings on its frame.

Such a mirror also comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. If you want to accentuate the elegance of the Venetian style, choose an oval rugs mirror with a decorative frame. But if you prefer something minimalist, a round rugs mirror or rectangular rugs mirror will be more suitable. Make sure the frame of the mirror has decorative carvings. Placing a mirror in your bedroom will make the area look larger. Especially, if you place it across the window.

Venetian mirror bathroom


The Right Color Scheme

The Venetian design tends to use soft colors, such as light blue, yellow, pastel pink, and light green, with a touch of gold. Apply the gold accent to accessories, such as a mirror frame. And apply soft colors to the main furniture. For example, your wardrobe, sofa, bedside tables, and so on. Applying soft colors can bring the Venetian look without you having to place antique furniture.

venetian mirrors

Do not Doubt to Apply Patterns

Unlike the minimalist design, the Venetian design always involves patterns in almost everything. Even a contemporary rugs mirror has patterned engravings on its frame. Choose floral patterns, leaf patterns, or abstract patterns to create the Venetian look in your bedroom. You can easily use patterned pillowcases, patterned curtains, or patterned blankets. However, make sure the walls of your bedroom stay in soft colors. Because the Venetian design looks very decorative without looking too much or tacky.

venetian style mirror
Venetian Mirror Glass

Artsy Paintings

The Venetian interior design is known as the most perfect piece of art. So, in order to accentuate this claim, do not doubt to hang a painting in your bedroom. Choose your favorite painting to hang on the wall as wall decoration in your bedroom. Just hang one painting so that your bedroom will not look crowded since there are already patterns.

Those are the tips to bring the Venetian style to your bedroom. Now, you can easily find and buy a rugs convex mirror to instantly create this romantic interior design. So, are you ready to decorate your bedroom?