Elegant Modern Mirror Design for Your Minimalist Room

Are you looking for inspiration for a minimalist room décor with a mirror inside? If you do so, you are in the right place. Adding some decorative mirrors in a room makes the room more lively and interesting. Especially with Modern Wall Mirror that have unusual designs. However, do not worry for those who do not like complicated designs, you can add a mirror with a simple design to your minimalist room.

We have three recommendations with simple designs that you can use as references to décor your minimalist room as you dream of and make it more elegant.

1. Standing floor Mirror long Gold

A standing mirror is suitable for minimalist room décor, such as Standing floor Mirror long Gold. It has a Small Wall Mirror size with a height of 155 cm and a width of 55 cm and will not take up much space, so it will make your room look less cramped. Moreover, it adds an elegant and neat impression to the room.

Standing floor Mirror long Gold is composed of a plain mirror which is 5 mm thick with black paint and wood coating on the back. The edge of this standing mirror uses a gold leaf frame, called gold paper which is forged into a sheet and then stuck to the edge mirror. The choice of this gold leaf frame was made to create the impression of a luxurious and minimalist standing mirror.

Rectangular Wall Mirror can be placed in any room because it is equipped with a stand at the back, so it can be moved easily. Can be in the bathroom, living room, family room or bedroom. If you place in the bedroom, you can look at the room design reference above. Standing floor Mirror long Gold can also be customized in size according to your needs. Apart from making your room more aesthetic, standing mirrors also can be used for mirror selfie like in a Pinterest. For product details, check at Modern Wall Minimalist Mirror MG 004691.

Standing floor Mirror Long
Standing floor Mirror Long

2.   Deco Wall Mirror

The unique Deco Wall Mirror design is perfect for a minimalist or natural room. This shapeless mirror design will add a beautiful and aesthetic impression to your room. It is composed of plain mirrors that have 5 mm thick attached with a 12-18 mm multiplex wood frame and black paint on the back. The edge of the mirror is smooth, so it is safe for children to reach. This one mirror is in the medium size with a 70 cm x 50 cm and can be customized according to your needs.

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Deco Wall Mirror can be hung on the wall in a vertical or horizontal position according to the interior design of the room. It can be used as a decorative mirror in the living room, bedroom, or for a bathroom for a more aesthetic look. For the packaging, we use double carton boxes, plastic bubble pack mirror covers and 2 cm Styrofoam on each side. So, it is definitely safe for delivery either by cargo or shipment. For more Deco Wall Mirror MG 004632.

Minimalist Wall Mirror
Minimalist Wall Mirror

3.   Gold Oval Wall Mirror Dhelisa

The oval mirror is pretty combined with a minimalist room décor. Gold Oval Wall Mirror Dhelisa is composed of original ASAHI mirror glass which is 5mm thick and has a bevel edge on each part of the mirror. The back of the mirror uses a 12-18 mm plywood frame finished with black paint. The original size is 120 x 60 cm, but you can customize the size according to your needs. This mirror frame is made of forged gold leaf which will add a luxurious and elegant impression to your minimalist room.

Gold Oval Wall Mirror Dhelisa can be used as a Decorative Wall Mirror in the living room, walk in closet, or as dressing mirror in the bedroom. You can put it wherever you want and need because this mirror can be applied vertically or horizontally. You can see references for a minimalist room décor with Gold Oval Wall Mirror Dhelisa above. If Modern Wall Mirror Gold Oval MG 004681 for more detail.

Modern Wall Mirror Frame Gold
Modern Wall Mirror Frame Gold


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