How making ventetian wall mirror?

Venetian wall mirror may be familiar to us to hear. venetian mirrors even today many are in re production again in various countries. in india, itally, china, Indonesia and other countries. but for his process might be many who do not understand. with this site Margo Glass Gallery tries to explain the process of making venetian mirror or mirrors handicraft.

venetian wall mirror is made of plain glass with 5mm thickness. while for his process is the glass in small pieces in accordance with the pattern and the glass in the bevel on the edges with a bevel width 5mm. thereafter in accordance with a request for carving. be it a floral design, batik, or bubble. then the glass on nitrate or plain glass is made into glass mirror. in this process we use a mixture of chemicals and is equipped with rain water as a mixture.

why in this process using rainwater?

because of the rain water containing many minerals and this can help speed up the process to dissolve these materials.
After all ingredients well mixed water pour into a glass of plain and let sit for 3 to 4 hours. the result of the precipitation that will change the plain glass into a glass mirror. then the glass in the drain and cover with paint as the protector of nitrate.

Then the glass in a wooden stick to that already in pieces according to the pattern. for attachment to the glass with the wood we use screw and glue. and close again to spare a small glass of park in the call with the beads. spare park serves as the cover perfect screw and became part of the glass wall mirror process venetian mirror antiques.
In addition to producing the venetian wall mirror turns can also produce other glass art. like furniture mirror, lamp design, photo frames of glass, wall color mirrors, special color mirrors, batik design and much more.Venetian wall mirror can hang vertical or landscape on the wall. for more details please visit in this site.