Antique Wall Mirror

Identifying Antique 1950’s Wall Mirror

Antique Mirror

A mirror is one of the most important things that should be in the house. They can give you some unique advantages. If your house is minimalist-theme style, then the mirror will make your house feel spacious than before. Also, don’t forget the common use of mirrors. It is to make sure that your appearance is looking good before you are going outdoors. If you find yourself some old mirrors in the attic or shed, don’t throw it away. They can be valuable because they are antiques. It could give you some cash, or it can make your house beautiful. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about the antique 1950’s wall mirror and what makes it special.

Antique Wall Mirror

Find out is it antique or not

The first thing we should do when we find an old mirror in the attic is to investigate it. If you just bought a house from someone, you probably can search for the history of the house from the person. If you just inherit the house from your parents or grandparents, then it will be easier to investigate the history of the mirror.

Old mirrors usually have a distinctive yellow or gray color cast on the glass. Meanwhile, modern mirrors‘ glass tends to be colorless. Usually, there are cloudy spots around the edge. This will determine the value of the antique mirror.

You may want to look at the shape as well. As we know, a 1950’s wall mirror can be considered to be an antique in a vintage style. An old vintage mirror usually shaped in an oval. It is supported by the frame as well. Most of the antique vintage mirrors used woods as their frame. If the mirror you found in the attic has wood-framed and shaped in oval, then it could be antique and valuable.

Finally, you should check the back of the mirror. As a fun fact, modern mirrors used paper backing. Meanwhile, antique mirrors like the vintage don’t use it. They usually used woods for the backing.

If you’re still doubting whether the mirror you found in the attic is antique or not, then you could ask for some advice from the professional in antique stuff. It is because some crafters are smart enough to replicate their mirrors to look antique. Whoever bought the mirror in the first place, they probably got scammed. This can affect the value of the mirror.

Antique Wall Mirror

Two final decisions

After you find out that the mirror is antique or not, then you have to decide. Basically, there are two different decisions you can make. Do you want to sell the mirror for cash, or do you want to use the mirror to make your house beautiful?

If it’s antique, you can get a lot of money from selling it. But if it is not, then you should use it for the house as a decoration or daily purposes. That is how to make a decision when you find yourself a 1950’s wall mirror in the house.