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You need to know, there are three types of mirrors on the market, convex mirrors, concave mirrors, and flat mirrors. A mirror is basically a shiny object that reflects most of the light that falls on it. So, how about a convex mirror? What are the properties of a convex mirror? All three have different properties and characteristics. In this article, we will discuss more about the properties of a convex mirror by wall decoration. Convex Mirror is a type of glass burning by supplier from plain glass that is round cut to form a certain pattern that blends into a wall decoration. Each part of the mirror is polis around with additional brass bronze plat or metal black frame. Every one mirror convex by manual workers with special skills is just for make each mirror. That’s why convex mirror has its own market for its fans. Convex mirror is one of choose style for decoration on the wall room. For this items we can make convex blue, black, brown, green and silver with finished of each colors by silver mirror and antique mirror glass.