Venetian Mirror: Decoration of Glass Art.

Actually, the art of decorating mirror has been found in works by Chinese artists from several centuries ago. It is said that in China, the women offered to call the nobles by painting his face in the glass. According to Devi Harriman, a glass painter in Indonesia, the tradition of decorating glass was first initiated in China, but later found in many art forms the nation of Yugoslavia. At first, glass paintings are still very simple, without the dimension of view. However, on further developments, engraving glass that more emphasis stiles, many on display in the restaurant, five-star hotel room, cafe, or as wall hangings home decor room divider.

Now, the design of Venetian mirrors are little changed or evolved. And for the manufacturing technique has been developed. What was once all a lot done by hand but now in modern style, has been helped by machine. Not only painting with brush and paint, also engrave on a wide plate glass. Usually glass is used are plain glass with 5mm thickness.


And according to Milton Glaser, a graphic designer in America, decorate the glass is always associated with the events of the revival of decorative art in architecture and interior design. This is part of the cycle of classical and romantic, which is always, repeated in the development of decorative art. One of the designs of art glass is stained glass, glass cut to color in a pattern or design of existing ones. And every piece of glass in combination with a special lead wire. For lead wire can be purchased at the glass shop. Only then is followed by etching – decorate the glass with hard water. Meanwhile, carve the glass is formed at the end of the art of decorating glass.