Venetian mirrors is the art of glass Crafts. It was said Venetian mirrors taken from the word Viennese. As for the Indonesia Venetian mirrors introduced by the Dutch, Britain, which in 1800 years old Indonesia was colonized nation. By the Indonesian name for Venetian mirror is glass carved. At was time, which many war in […]

small wall mirror is a mirror for the wall on living room or bedroom. This is actually a type of antique mirror. but for now wall mirror is still regarded as a mirror of choice for many households. Venetian wall mirror has a mirror can be the pride in the living room and like to […]

Venetian wall mirror may be familiar to us to hear. venetian mirrors even today many are in re production again in various countries. in india, itally, china, Indonesia and other countries. but for his process might be many who do not understand. with this site Margo Glass Gallery tries to explain the process of making […]

A Venetian mirror is a timeless piece of décor that can lift the exuberance of any surrounding. The poise and elegance of these art pieces is simply unbeatable. This ultimate form of art hails back for more than 400 years when these were specially handcrafted on request. Often regarded as a symbol of nobility and […]