Antique Wall Mirror for Home Interior

Getting to Know Antique Wall Mirror

Antique or what is often called an antique wall mirror are often an attraction among architects and interior designers. Because this type of mirror always has classic characteristics and also has a high aesthetic value.
so it is very suitable to be applied to classic and industrial design themes. Antique Mirror Has a striking feature, namely the presence of patterns and black spots on the mirror. Many Antique Mirror Company develop this design motif for interiors.

Antique Mirror Glass

Mirrors commonly found in glass stores or glass suppliers are generally fresh mirrors.
Which does not have rusty patterns or motifs to support classic and industrial design themes.
So that a lot of extra work must be done by applicators and contractors so that the rearview mirror gives the impression of rust.

Antique mirror is a silver mirror that is reprocessed with chemicals from the back of the mirror. The appearance of black spots on the mirror with the natural process of the chemical that gives it an antique color. Usually antique mirrors are used for wall décor panels as a complement to room decoration. with a square or rectangular arrangement lined the size of the wall to make the room look elegant.

Venetian Mirror Antique

The vintage-style Venetian Mirror is a wall mirror that uses all glass materials with the parts added with floral carvings that adorn the center mirror.
with the addition of antique mirrors on all parts, it makes the mirror look old and dirty.

Even though it is a new production, this style mirror looks like it is hundreds of years old.
Venetian Mirror Antique are currently much favored, especially interior collectors or blue-blooded citizens.
The vintage-style Venetian Mirror is a wall mirror that uses all glass materials with the parts added with floral carvings that adorn the center mirror.

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Antique Wall Mirror
Antique Venetian Mirror

Venetian Mirror Antique has long-term popularity in the world, it is said that quality never goes out of style. They have been used in places that were once home to royalty.
Venetian Mirror Antique is known to enhance the beauty of any place.
with a stylish and luxurious hand design, they provide a separate connection to the environment.
It gives so much of an elegant look to properties and furnishings that it offers a kind of unmatched beauty or even a status symbol.

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You can also get Antique Wall mirror large that will add interior value to your home.
If you want to maximize your space and make it bigger than before,
You can find some home decorating tricks by hanging antique mirrors. A large mirror will offer many decorative variations.
Large mirrors will help your decor when you need visual tricks like bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas where space is limited.
A large mirror will illuminate you and reflect light in the room for your customized visual effect.
you can choose from a wide variety of unique Antique Mirror designs that have a decorative style.

Antique Wall Mirror
Antique Mirror large

This type of mirror is suitable for all Classic style homes due to its simple yet elegant texture and appeal.
It gives the feeling of an old reclaimed mirror and puts the same emphasis on new modern clothing,
Another type of Antique Style mirror is the circular shape.
This type of mirror is probably the most basic style with perfect edges and a modern shape.
Sometimes it has beautifully decorated bends into the concrete thus providing longer lasting traction.

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