Choosing Verre Eglomise Mirror for Home Decoration

Talking about decorating a room, there are many things that we must consider. For instance, there are furniture, carpet, and wall decoration like Verre Eglomise Mirror. A long time ago, this mirror was one of the favorite wall decorations in mansions or homes. Until now, the uniqueness of the mirror makes it popular, so many people choose it as decoration. If you want to pick a wall decoration using this mirror, get more information about the mirror below.

3D Eglomise Mirror

An Antique and Aesthetic Mirror 

This mirror is well known enough because of its Verre Eglomise Antique and aesthetic value. That is why if you want a classical interior theme, putting this mirror on the wall is a great idea. Putting it on the right side of the wall and combining it with the right furniture will make your room lively and full of aesthetic value.

Eglomise is a decoration technique in which the back side of the glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf. In this case, the result is there will be an engraved design in the mirror which adds to the beauty of the mirror itself. Not only gold, the glass or mirror also can be gilded with silver color with various designs. For example, there are flower engraving or others.

The metal leaf can be applied using oil-based adhesives to get such a matte finish. The gilding itself also is combined with reverse painting on glass. The technique of Eglomise Mirror Large is not only found in wall decoration. It also appears in paintings, drinking glasses, jewelry, and windows. You may combine several Eglomise decorations in one room to create a unique and aesthetic room.

Verre Eglomise Mirror

How to Choose the Right Mirror with Eglomise Technique?

If you are interested in choosing a mirror with an Eglomise technique, there are several things you need to consider. The first thing is the color of the Eglomise. As explained above, the mirror is gilded in Eglomise Mirror Gold or silver color. In this case, you can choose between gold or silver color. Make sure that you pick the matching color with your furniture or the theme of your room. Choosing the right color for the mirror is important to add to the beauty of the room.

Besides, the shape of the mirror is important to think about as well. With the development of wall decoration, the mirror with the Eglomise technique also has many shapes and designs. There is a Round Mirror, rectangles, or even Octagonal Mirrors. You can choose the shape depending on your preferences. However, when you are not sure enough about your choice, consulting interior design is a good idea.

Moreover, in choosing the right Verre Eglomise Mirror you need to think about the function of the mirror itself, whether the mirror will be a wall art only, a useful mirror, or others. For instance, you need a mirror for the bathroom, so you must choose a clear mirror with the Eglomise technique on the edges. However, when you need wall art only, choosing a full engraved mirror is a good choice.


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