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Things to Consider Before Installing a Wall Mirror at Home

Mirrors can be one of the most important home furnishings because they can give a different effect to a house or room. In home decoration, Concave Mirror Décor is the right choice. You can get this model Concave Mirror Company or nearest Concave Mirror Supplier.

Mirrors are often placed in the living room, bedroom, and Bathroom Wall Mirror. If you have a small house or apartment, you can use mirrors to make the room look bigger. It is also considered as a supporting element in everyday life as it is used for reflection when dressing or decorating.

The Concave Wall Décor is a mirror in a fairly difficult location. For that, there are several things to consider before you buy and install a mirror at home. Launching from various sources, here are three things you need to consider before installing a mirror at home. What are the things that need to be considered before installing a mirror at home?

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Custom Concave Mirror
Custom Concave Mirror

1. Choose a mirror model according to the style of your home or room

When buying a Decorative Concave Mirror, make sure you choose a model that matches the overall home décor style or the décor in each room. This needs to be done so that the aesthetics in your home are maintained.

If the décor is more modern, then avoid choosing an Concave Mirror Antique with a wood frame accented with carvings. For example, choosing a mirror with a minimalist model with a thin frame, or you can also choose a mirror without a frame to give a modern minimalist impression to the interior of the house.

But if you want the mirror to seek the center of attention, then try to choose a mirror with a model or an eccentric one. For example, a Glass Concave mirror is shaped like sunlight or abstract.

Concave Wall Mirror
Concave Wall Mirror

2. In the right place

Not only to see your appearance, mirrors can also make the room look wider. This is because the mirror reflects light back into the room.

According to The Washington Post, Tricia Huntley, founder of Huntley & Co. Interior Design in Washington D.C., recommends that you hang a mirror in a location opposite the window to take advantage of natural light to spread throughout the room. If your room does not have a window, then place a mirror near the lamp. This trick will also produce the same effect so that your room will also appear wider.

Concave Wall Mirror
Concave Blue Mirror

3. Don’t put the mirror too high

If you want to make the effect of the room look taller, this might seem like the ideal way. Besides the composition will look weird, the Round Concave Mirror will also not work. In addition, if the mirror falls, it will spread in all directions and be dangerous. Because basically what can make a room look taller is the size of the mirror.

That’s why Scotto, founder of Yellow Brick Home, a Chicago-based home company, recommends that you hang the mirror 127 cm from the center of the mirror to the floor.
That way, the room will remain taller and the concave mirror antique can still be used for reflection.

Concave Wall Mirror
Concave Wall Mirror


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