Take A Look at Venetian Wall Mirror

Take A Look at Venetian Wall Mirror

A Venetian Wall Mirror of Venice They can look sophisticated in any setting. A classic mirror with a long history. It is believed that the first products were produced in Murano, Italy around 1350. It seems that his Nazi da Murano, the son of the first glassmaker in the region, was the first to make it.

Today, many Murano-based companies also have a mirror frame separate from the moon and continue to manufacture this peculiar mirror. decorated with a floral motif.

Initially, Venetian mirror frames were made of carved wood and ivory, but were eventually completed. Typical of his 18th glass mold popular today. Moldings In addition to offering carved motifs as previously described, they can also feature hand-cut crystal flowers.

venetian glass mirror

Venetian Mirror Decorating Ideas

Want to keep your complex log files in a secret room at home? If so, you’ll find a great ally in the mirror of Venice. Place it on the dresser in the hall, above the fireplace in the living room, or in the bathroom. Add a touch of classic flair. Bet on one Large Mirror, or combine smaller mirrors with other mirrors to create your own combination, as pictured below.

In the hall, in the living room, in the dressing room, in the bathroom. Venetian mirrors are eye-catching and the perfect material to decorate the walls of your home. Get inspired by the photos you’ve collected and find out how to get the most out of these classic photos.

1.     Venetian mirror in the hall

Perfect complement to classic or neoclassical style recessed and sideboards. Choose both halves carefully so that the mirror does not cover the entire width of the wardrobe. Then, decorate your wardrobe with small decorative accessories and some plants, each adding character and freshness to the ensemble. Suppose you can see a Rectangular Venetian Mirror in the hall. The mirror will make better light and the design will make the room more beautiful.

venetian mirror

Rectangular Venetian Mirror

2.     Venetian mirror in the bedroom

This type of Venetian Mirror Large is very suitable to be placed in the bedroom because the mirror can be used for wall decoration or makeup mirrors. You can think of many uses for Venetian mirrors in the bedroom. Venetian standing mirrors are very practical in the dressing room or near the wardrobe. Look at yourself from head to toe before you leave the house in the morning , can approve or disapprove clothes.

Venetian mirror full length

Large Rectangular

3.     Venetian mirror for living room decoration

In living rooms, it is common to find Venetian mirrors above chimneys. However, they have also been seen in classic-style living rooms in toilets adjacent to sofas. Can be used in combination with mirrors to decorate the main wall. There are several recommendations for mirrors that can be used for wall decoration, one of which is Gold Venetian Mirror. The golden mirror will make the room more luxurious and peaceful. Besides that, it is not only beautiful but the design of the mirror is also no less beautiful.

Venetian mirror large

Venetian Mirror Batik Frame Gold

4.     Venetian mirror in bathroom

If there’s one room where mirrors are a key element, it’s the bathroom. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the possibilities of decorating a bathroom with Venetian mirrors, regardless of the style of decoration used. The  Bathroom Venetian is also beautiful for a bathroom or a sink. Usually the bathroom mirror is not too big with the Small Mirror size, it is suitable and appropriate to put in the bathroom.

Venetian mirror manufacture

Bathroom Venetian Mirror

What is the price of the Venetian Wall Mirror?

A certified Venetian mirror is never cheap. Model 105 x 65 cm. Usually he costs over 1,000 euros, and an old one costs 2,500 euros. Costs that vary depending on the abundance of handcrafted details.

Is it possible to find cheap Venetian mirrors? Even without a Certificate of Authenticity, this is possible. On the market like Etsy Venetian Mirror, you can find a Venetian mirror measuring 85 x 55 cm. 80 x 120 very rich detail from 125 euros from 500 euros. It’s not the real thing, but if you like the style you bring into the room, this is one of the alternatives with easy access to all your pockets.

Venetian Style Mirror: Timeless Elegance, Timeless Beauty

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