Venetian Octagonal Mirror

Luxury Venetian Mirror, Add Timeless Elegance to Your Home

Venice in general is famous for its time-honored glass-making traditions. And, Luxury Venetian Mirror perfectly symbolize this rich tradition. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, all these mirrors are able to maintain their ‘exclusive’ label for a long period of time.

Mirrors are an integral part of any home and if they are Venetian Mirror Style, your home will have a different feel altogether. Centuries have passed, but Venetian mirrors have retained their incomparable beauty and uniqueness even today.

We are a team of glass masters, craftsmen and designers ready to create mirror works of art according to customer requirements. Even in this high-tech world, island glassmakers use the same traditional techniques of the 18th and 19th centuries to make a variety of luxurious mirrors.

Square Venetian Mirror
Square Venetian Mirror

The unrivaled craftsmanship of these skilled individuals is evident when one looks Besides being very clear, the color is very light and shiny. 20th century venetian mirror also possess an extraordinary ductility that ensures their availability in a variety of fantastic shapes. at the selections for sale today. Each piece has its own charm which is reflected through its polished surfaces and intricate design elements.

When it comes to grading a Venetian Glass Vanity Mirror, it would be an uphill task even for an expert to detect flaws in the object. The presence of several attractive characteristics makes this mirror very special.

Most of these masterpieces boast meticulously crafted flowers, leaves and ribbons. These fine details are actually the hallmark of 18th century venetian mirror and set them apart from other types of mirrors.

The Venetian Mirror Manufacturing process goes through several steps. Each piece of clear or colored glass that forms the intricate mirror structure is manually cut and blown. Venetian mirrors were first shaped and polished.

Landscape Venetian Mirror Black
Landscape Venetian Mirror Black

Next, the design is etched by hand onto the mirror surface. Currently, many mirrors are combined with gold or silver to make it more sparkling. Ultimately, the artwork is assembled and bonded to the mirror’s wood frame by expert glass craftsmen and carpenters.

Each 17th century venetian mirror carries awe-inspiring values. When you buy one of these artistic masterpieces, you are actually embracing a piece of history that is captivating, confusing, and romantic.

Even after centuries, Venetian Wall Mirrors give their owners a sense of satisfaction and pride. They are offered in every shape you can imagine. From rectangles, squares and octagons to ovals and circles, you can find every shape in a variety of sizes, designs, colors and paint carvings.

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Trifold Venetian Mirror
Trifold Venetian Mirror

The greatest benefit of this mirror is its versatility as you can install it in your bedroom, bathroom, hall or any other room without worrying about the existing décor. They have the ability to blend in with any décor and give a facelift all on their own.

If you are looking to buy handmade Venetian mirrors from us only, then there is no better place than we also offer an unrivaled collection of wall mirrors, table mirrors, and furniture and accessories to complement them. Shopping for your 19th century Venetian Mirror Glass Mirror can be done very well here.


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