Large Decorative Mirror

Large decorative mirror will give impression of fully settled for the owner and you can hang it or even put in on the floor against it. When you do not have any idea for your living room, try for set a large decorative mirror in your sofa set.  Set the large mirror that has combination color of gold and black in the frame side and details crafted in the inside framed.  The frame detail contains for gold triple line in the outside frame, and the black frames separated the second crafted detail frames.  The mirror has leaning in the corner wall and in the front side, it has table standing. Set two lights wall beside the wall mirror and set at medium light.

Before you put large decorative mirror, first of all, you need to decide which one you need to put large designs in your room whether you want to set horizontal or vertical large mirror. Those two large mirrors have different effect to your room. The vertical mirror make effect of your room look taller and slim meanwhile the horizontal give your visual for your wall width and length. Extra large of pink panel Venetian mirror that made from beveled material glass that leaned in the floor and put with large vase with dried twig will give great combination between pink and brown twig.

Venetian decorative mirror of water drop decorative will offers you effect such as rain drop in your home. It has unique designs for your wall mirror. You can choose the variation of water drop in large rectangle designs or oval glass drop. The rectangle drop has full water drop meanwhile the oval has one line of tear drop. The tear drop combines with Swarovski crystals that make it more elegant and glamour. Try for more decorative Venetian mirror octagonal such as octagonal wall mirror, edge Venetian wall mirror, three tulips design mirror wall, and purple flower designs mirror.