Feng Shui When Installing Venetian Style Mirror

The mirror is one of the items that are widely used in the science of Feng Shui. Use and laying a mirror that is not appropriate or not appropriate believed would bring danger to homeowners. That’s why we need to consider how to use and laying a good mirror. Installing a large mirror in the room are considered unfavorable by the science of Feng Shui. Besides going to make you surprised when you wake up from sleep, according to legend mirror reflective bed would lead to danger. Installing mirrors allowed if its purpose is to make the room look more spacious. For example, for an office, shop, or other businesses. Besides good also used as interior, installation of a mirror will help reduce the taper angles in the room were also considered unfavorable in terms of Feng Shui. The mirror may be installed in the living room or dining room, as long as the mirror reflected image will look beautiful. For example if in your living room or dining room has an image of beautiful scenery such as trees, water, or sky.

Choose a Venetian Style Mirror as home accessories will be very appropriate, but should position the mirror opposite to the eye. Thus, the beauty in the living room or dining room of your house will be more subtle. From all locations in the house, the dining room is the perfect place if you want to install the mirrors as embellishments. Because the dining room is a place where the whole family would gather so that positive energy in the home will increase. In addition, it is advisable to choose a mirror with mounting models are hanged.

Replacing the mirror opposite the main door of the house is not recommended in Feng Shui. Because, this way will lead to a positive energy that comes into the house it back out. Instead, install a mirror opposite the main door of the house so that the business being you live will run smoothly and successfully. It is not advisable to stay put or store Venetian glass mirror that were cracked or broken. Although just cracked a little bit, you should remove the mirror and buy a new mirror. Because the mirrors were cracked only will bring positive energy into the home. In fact, allowing the occurrence of danger or calamity that threatens the entire family.

That is, you are not recommended to install Venetian mirrored furniture at the front door of the toilet or kitchen Area. This is because the mirror that reflects the shadow of a dirty or messy it will double the negative energy in the house. As a result, the house will often encounter problems and a lot of danger