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Venetian Mirror, the newest interior decoration!!!

Venetian wall mirror, a masterpiece that pocketed a very high artistic value and priceless.
The beauty of the mirror is able to make everyone amazed.
Always appear with various carvings that are so charming, attracting the attention of most people.
This mirror is still relatively new, but make no mistake, the fans of this mirror are very high, yes because of the beauty of this mirror.
Venetian Mirror Manufacturer, involving professional experts in the field of carved glass.
Venetian mirrors are the latest interior decoration, so in this article we have several types of Venetian mirrors that can be ideas for interior decoration.


  • Oval Venetian Mirror

By presenting a venetian mirror oval, it is able to provide a very graceful view.
Coupled with the beauty of the carving, it is able to attract the interest of the general public.

Oval Venetian Mirror
Oval Venetian Mirror

Having this type of mirror is a blessing in itself, because of the elegance of the carving, which we may not find in other types. Oval Venetian Mirrors, is always the right element to be placed in any room.

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  • Round Venetian Mirror

As we know, a mirror is an object that can create an illusion in a room.
This makes mirrors widely used as interior decorations, and one of them is a Round Venetian Mirrors.

Round Venetian Mirrors
Round Venetian Mirrors

Due to its simple design and not too big size, it is perfect for a minimalist home.
To emphasize the appearance of the room, you can place a venetian round mirror in the living room or other room.
Oh, yes, in fact the use of round mirrors is able to emphasize the room, so consider carefully the model you will choose.

  • Rectangle Venetian Mirror

Rectangle Venetian Mirrors, very suitable to be placed in a room with a fairly large size.
The existence of a mirror is able to give an elegant impression, besides that the mirror also gives the illusion of a room looking wider.

Rectangle Venetian Mirror
Rectangle Venetian Mirror

In addition to having a dual function, namely being able to reflect and make up, mirrors can add aesthetic value in a room.
To balance the appearance to make it more attractive, you can hang a mirror in another room.

  • Gold Venetian Mirror

A very elegant mirror, Gold Venetian Mirror as it is called. Beautiful carvings that adorn the mirror and added to the gold color add to its own feel for the mirror.

Venetian Wall Mirror
Gold Venetian Mirror

Do you know? that the engraving on each glass, still uses manual glass, because of that its authenticity is still very well preserved.
So it’s no wonder most people are willing to spend quite a fantastic amount of money, just to get this type of mirror.
In addition to these types of mirrors, you can also use Venetian Mirror Large, and others.

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