History of Antique Mirror

A brief history of antique mirrors.

margovenetianmirror.com – What do you know about mirrors? A mirror is an object that can reflect objects in front of it.
Did you know that mirrors have been around for a long time?
Maybe, at first people saw their reflection or reflection from a puddle of water, or a river.
Humans made the earliest mirrors around 6000 BC, at that time the material used was Obsidian or more commonly known as Volcanic Glass.
For how to make it yourself, polish the surface.
Not only that, mirrors began to be made of bronze, metal, tin, and copper.
At that time the mirror was considered a sacred object and the most valuable.

antique mirror
Cermin perunggu

The passage of a very long time, then glass mirrors began to be made in the 3rd century.
Why so long? Because, the manufacture is very difficult and expensive.
Believe it or not, sand was also used as a mirror-making material at that time.
After trying to keep on experimenting to find the perfect mirror, in 1835 a scientist discovered the latest technology for making mirrors.
For a shinier finish, he suggests using silver instead of lead.

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Mirror development

After the rapid development of the era, mirrors also developed with various types, ranging from flat mirrors, convex mirrors, and concave mirrors.

In the 70s, they began to try to make antique mirrors, which would later be introduced to the public.

What is an antique mirror? Antique Wall Mirror is a mirror that has black spots on an uneven mirror surface.
Antique mirrors are made by making imitation rust patterns to make the glass last longer.

This rusting process takes place by destroying the silver layer on the silver mirror with hard water.
So in a matter of days will produce the desired pattern.

Antique wall mirrors are constantly being developed, which were originally only used by famous countries, but now have been used by the general public as decoration.

At first only wooden frames were used because to accentuate the ancient impression, now wooden frames are still often used, but are more dominant with iron.

Well, here’s a picture of an antique wall mirror that you must know:

Antique Wall Mirror Panels

Antique wall mirror panels, or tile-shaped mirror with a pattern that looks damaged, but this mirror has its own charm.
Mirror, indeed one of the building needs that must be met.

Antique Mirror Wall Panels
Antique Mirror Wall Panels

Has a classic impression, making this mirror very popular.
In addition, you can also install it on the living room wall, bedroom wall, and others.
To add to the impression of a more attractive room, a Small antique mirror is the solution.
In addition to its simple design, this mirror also saves more space.

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