Antique Mirror Glass Most Attractive Residential Decoration From year to year, home decorations are increasingly diverse in type and model. There are decorations whose popularity is only temporary, there are also those that are not limited by time, one of which is a mirror. Elements of this type, not only to fix the appearance alone. But it also has a function, reflecting natural light throughout the room and making it look wider. By installing a mirror in the house, with the concept and shape will make the dwelling more attractive. One of the most attractive types of mirror, namely, Antique mirror glass.

Antique mirror is a mirror that is identical with black spots on its surface. This element does not look like the other types, this type looks stained and not shiny. But make no mistake, this element has a high artistic value when compared to other types. Mirrors that carry this classic style, are very much in the interest of antique collectors and the general public. By presenting this element in a room, it will add an elegant feel. Having a variety of designs, here is a row of the most attractive antique mirrors.


antique mirror tiles
antique mirror tiles

– Antique mirror tiles

One type of antique mirror that is quite popular and often used is the Antique mirror tiles. Its use in a space, it is able to bring the impression of elegance. The function of this element, not only as an accent in the room. However, in some cases, it is often used to cover flaws in the wall. This type is often applied to the walls of the living room, because it can be an attractive focal point.

distressed antique mirror
distressed antique mirror

– Distressed antique mirror

Being one of the most prominent types of mirrors, Distressed antique mirror are also able to make homes much more attractive. Its use in a residence, will present a very beautiful view. Its application can be applied to the walls of the living room, family room, dining room, and others. Besides that, you can also choose various motifs of round antique mirrors, large antique mirrors, and many other designs. You can find this type at, Antique mirror company.

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This element is often used as an attractive decorative accent. Instead of being simple, they tend to give more art and character. If you want to add a more attractive residential atmosphere, this type is always an alternative for every room. For other types, please visit our website. Thank you

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