Do You Know the Difference Between Bevel and Engraving in Venetian Mirror Making?

Do You Know the Difference Between Bevel and Engraving in Venetian Mirror Making?

Venetian mirrors are one of the most luxurious and elegant types of mirrors, often decorated with a variety of stunning artistic details. In the process of making Venetian mirrors, two techniques that are often used are bevel and engraving. But what exactly is the difference between bevel and engraving, and how does each of these techniques affect the aesthetics and function of a Venetian mirror?

What Are Bevels?

Bevel is a technique of cutting the edge of a mirror at a certain angle to create a beveled edge effect. Beveling is done using special cutting tools that produce sharp, clean corners on the edges of the mirror. As a result, mirrors have smooth, beveled edges that can reflect light in unique ways, creating an interesting, shimmering visual effect.

Mirrors with bevels are often used in interior design to give an elegant and luxurious impression. The bevel effect on the mirror edge creates the illusion of depth and dimension. The bevel technique is often applied to large mirrors such as wall mirrors, cupboard doors, or dressing table mirrors.

What are Graphics?

Venetian Mirror Murano Claire

Venetian Mirror Murano Claire

Engraving, or often referred to as engraving, is a technique of carving a mirror surface to create a certain design or pattern. This process involves using a special tool to scratch or scrape off a layer of the mirror’s surface, producing a permanent image or pattern on the glass.

Engraving techniques allow craftsmen to express their creativity with very precise details. The resulting designs can take the form of floral motifs, geometry, or complex illustrations. Engraving on Etched Venetian Mirror is often used to add a personal and unique artistic touch, making each mirror truly one-of-a-kind.

Main Differences between Bevel and Engraving

The main difference between bevel and engraving lies in the technique and final result produced. Bevel focuses on cutting the edges of a mirror to create a smooth, shimmering beveled edge effect, while engraving involves carving the surface of a mirror to produce a specific design or pattern.


Bevel: Cutting the edge of a mirror at a specific angle.
Engraving: Engraving or etching the surface of a mirror.

Venetian Mirror Enrica

Venetian Mirror Enrica

The final result:

Bevel: The mirror’s edges are beveled and smooth, creating a beautiful reflective effect.
Engraving: A pattern or design etched into the surface of a mirror, giving it a unique artistic touch.


Bevel: Typically used on the edges of large mirrors to add dimension and depth.
Engraving: Used to decorate the mirror surface with a certain design or motif.

Why Choose Bevel or Engraving?

The question that may arise is, when should you choose a bevel and when should you choose an engraving in making a Venetian mirror? The answer depends on the aesthetic and functional purpose of the mirror.
If you want a mirror that brings out shine and depth, bevels are a great choice. Beveling provides a reflective effect that can improve lighting and visually expand a space. It is perfect for the living room, bedroom, or any area where you want to add a touch of Luxury Venetian Mirror and elegance.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a mirror with decorative elements that are personal and unique, engraving is the ideal choice. The engraving technique allows you to have a mirror with a custom design that matches your decorating style and theme. It’s perfect for spaces like the bathroom, work space, or as a special gift with a personal touch.

Venetian Mirror

Venetian Mirror

Combination of Bevel and Engraving

In some cases, Exclusive Venetian Mirror can combine these two techniques to create more complex and stunning works of art. For example, the edges of the mirror can be beveled to provide additional shine, while the center of the mirror is decorated with engraving to add an artistic design. This combination results in a mirror that is not only functional but also makes a great artistic statement.

Bevel and engraving are two very different but equally important techniques in the of Venetian Mirror Manufacture. The bevel provides a smooth, shimmering edge effect, while the engraving offers unique artistic details. A choice between the two or a combination of both can turn an ordinary mirror into an extraordinary decorative element and serve as the center of attention in your room. So, which technique do you choose for your Venetian mirror?

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