Venetian Mirrors So Unique

It is believed that the Venetian style is the most romantic style in interior designs. This style was especially popular during the Renaissance era. It looks gorgeous and romantic at the same time. This is why the Venetian style still has its popularity up to now. Speaking about the Venetian style, the Venetian mirror Murano cannot be separated from this romantic style. So, if you want to instantly bring a touch of the Venetian look to your house interior design, simply place a Murano glass mirror.


venetian glass mirror
Venetian Mirror

In the 16th century, a Murano glass vintage was mostly used by the royal family, noble family, and rich family. This mirror is quite expensive since it is unique and anti-mainstream. Now, people use this mirror as a decorative mirror. Quite many people love to place a Venetian mirror at their houses because it is suitable for various decoration models. This vintage, decorative mirror is one of the most perfect mirrors that you can just simply hang it on the walls without having to add any other decorative elements to make it look pretty.

The edges and curves of a distressed Murano mirror are spectacular and flawless. The edges are usually very decorative and stylish, without looking tacky or too much. You can find this mirror in a variety of sizes and shapes. It fits every room in your house. You can place this stylish mirror in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even in your foyer. As you know, mirrors are a piece of furniture that is helpful for making a room look more spacious. Placing a mirror in the right place will also make the area look brighter.

venetian mirror


So, you should consider where you need to place a Venetian mirror. A venetian mirror is crowned as one of the best and most gorgeous art pieces. This decorative element will not crash any interior designs. Instead, it will perfectly blend with any interior designs and color schemes. So, whether your house is in a modern design, minimalist design, vintage design, or other designs, do not doubt to place this mirror at your house as a decorative element. It will function as a stunning accent, or even better, as a piece of art that represents the Venetian culture.

venetian style mirror

A large Venetian mirror can also be a huge investment for collectors and art junkies. It boosts the aesthetic value of every interior design. It is not only a great piece of art but also the functional one. As it is said before, a Venetian mirror comes in a variety of shapes. Such as round, rectangular, oval, and square. The frame of this mirror usually features complicated, beautiful engravings that will bring a touch of elegance and luxury to a room. But, there are also the simple ones. A round Venetian mirror mostly looks simple and practical with least decorative carvings on its frame. This model of Venetian mirror is ideal for a modern interior design or minimalist design.

Venetian style wall mirror


That is all you need to know about a Venetian mirror. Do you want to have one at your house?