Antique Wall Mirror

Getting to Know Antique Mirrors as Interior Glass

Antique Venetian Mirror, Which is one of the most popular decorative mirror glass. This is between a silver mirror and an aluminum mirror. This is one of the inner eyeglasses. Various patterns, such as oil painting, are formed on the mirror surface after a special oxidation process.

Because it displays art elegantly. Antique Mirror Manufacture is widely used in high-end decoration, such as corridor, ceiling, mirror wall etc. In general, we can see antique mirrors installed in high-end entertainment restaurants around the world. Not only in Asia, but also in Europe and America.

Antique mirror models are not only suitable for colossal themed home designs. Mercury Antique Mirror who are actually much favored by modern minimalist homes to provide an antique and luxurious home atmosphere.

Many things that reflect antique are synonymous with luxury and serenity. In the market, antique mirror is a type of furniture that is expensive. However, antique mirrors have their own market segment, because of the artistic value they contain. Beautiful frame carvings on each side will bring us to the regal style of ancient royalty.

Antique Mirror Indonesia
Antique Mirror Indonesia

Antique Mirror as Interior Glass

Antique Mirror Beaded is a mirror glass that has a unique motif that makes it attractive for interior design and architects. Antique mirrors are made by creating a rust pattern so the glass is durable unlike how to damage the coating with hard water.

In general, antique mirrors have a unique high-quality rust aesthetic, making them effective for classic display themes. Mirrors that are usually found in glass stores or distributors do not have patterns or motifs on mirrors, this is because not all glass shops and distributors have antique mirrors.

  1. Antique mirror glass

This wall covers a mirror with a classic motif or an antique mirror, the room will look classic with a reflection of an Round Antique Wall Mirror of the house. Installation of antique mirrors must be neat and there are no visible joints on the glass, in order to get maximum results. Do the installation by an expert in the field of glass installation, do not let the glass break during glass installation.

Round Antique Mirror
Round Antique Mirror
  1. Antique mirror glass cabinet

For those of you who like classic furniture, you can apply the installation of antique mirrors for your home furniture. By combining Antique-Style Mirrors on the furniture, the furniture will look like vintage or old school with rust motifs on the glass.

Cabinet Antique Mirror
Cabinet Antique Mirror
  1. Antique mirror sink

This sink design can be an inspiration for those of you who like classic themes but still give results when looking in the mirror. The sides of the sink mirror are decorated with antique style mirror so they don’t interfere with your tension when looking in the mirror. Your sink will look elegant, unique and classy with the rust motif on the antique mirror.

Antique Mirror Sink
Antique Mirror Sink
  1. Table with antique mirror pattern surface

This minimalist table has a unique surface appearance and is different from other tables, the table surface is coated with Industrial Antique Mirror, so the table looks more elegant, luxurious and attractive.

To get maximum results, do the installation carefully and carefully so that the pieces of glass fit on the table so that the glass is not wasted. You can contact us to make an antique table like the one above with an antique mirror product. You need an Antique Rectangle Mirror.

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Antique Rectangle Mirror
Antique Rectangle Mirror

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