The Truly Full Length Venetian Mirror

Full length Venetian mirror has an interesting history that must be known. Here, below is the history that can tell for the beauty Venetian mirror.

  1. 1. Starts from Murano Island

In 13thcentury, the mirror craftsmen intensively guard the secret assets in Murano Island. In this island, the glass maker making Venetian mirror and keep it as their secret.

  1. 2. Valuable Venetian mirror

Beside the quality of the mirror, Venetian mirror also be valuable because of the finishing decoration that make it more beautiful and valuable. The decoration can be made from shell, silver, ebony, and many others that usually placed in the frame. One of the best improvements of the Venetian mirror is the full length Venetian mirror.

  1. 3. The secret behind Venetian mirror

This kind of mirror were made with the best technique with some nature factors like Italian Silica, ocean water which have salt, and any kind of flame. All of that nature factors can be found in Murano Mirror Island where Venetian mirror were made. Venetian craftsman keep the technique to make the best quality mirror, so that Venetian mirror be the most valuable assets that time.

  1. 4. Innovation of the Venetian mirror

This full length Venetian mirror  is used for grooming or as a decoration to make the room of the house more beautiful. The innovation of the Venetian mirror didn’t stop here. The craftsman made the mirror that painted with floral or pattern design which has various design and style. It also decorated with gold or silver frame and made in oval or round style.

Venetian mirror, especially full length style, has the best quality of mirror that ever made in centuries. It is not only beautiful but also has the beautiful and various designs and an interesting history. Even in modern days, we still can find the same design with the 18th century design of full length Venetian mirror. It’s fair that kind of mirror has a high price because the quality that we bought, the history we catch, and the beauty we can enjoy every time.