Mirror became a friend to practice speaking or presenter.

Applicable ten youth will shake the world. It is message from Ir. Sukarno, Indonesia’s independence proclaimed. Decades ago timeless. Just a few words, but able to burn the spirit of youth to build a united nation. That line inspired RECOVERY SOLO SON-PRINCESS (PPS) 2011. With the theme of the Young Life Taste Solo, Son-Daughter Circle Offertory solo.

The event will also be a vehicle for proving the youth capable of assuming responsibility for the progress of the tourism town of Solo. Now, after a long process, start a written test, interview, training and assignments, 10 pairs of finalists selected. They are ready to fight to winner in PPS 2011 PPS in the grand final at the 2011 Solo, will do at City Hall, Saturday, and July 2011. Had its day to the Grand Final, the various preparations done by the finalists, began physical preparation, mental and material.

Quarantine greatly depletes the stamina of the finalists. From morning till night they had to participate in various activities. One of the finalists, Kike Setyowati said to overcome the drowsiness and fatigue they sought ways and means. Kike and her partner always reminded not to fall asleep by pinching each other. Organizers PPS more viscous the theme of Javanese Culture.


Therefore, the finalists compete and train hard on the Java language and how its delivery in public. Because of the priorities in the assessment for the PPS is the appearance and delivery when speaking in public. Therefore, the finalists had to perform best when in public. Because often speaks in the public, the finalists are often speaking in front of a mirror so that when appearing at the grand final, can control the emotions and feelings questeru or speak a friendly way. Because the current talks in front of the mirror, they can measure themselves and strive to provide the best appearance. “If it seems look alay, yes the change again the way he spoke,” said one participant. And exercise in this way is done by all the participants.

Turns out in this modern style, mirrors have many functions. Other than interior decoration can be also be a vehicle for training, or teacher to us. This may also be the reason for the current mirror can also be encountered in the aerobics, gym, body building, and others.