Vanity Mirror

Vanity Mirrors

In the previous article we have to say how to make glass antiques mirror. what to do with vanity mirror glass antiques? in fact also known as vanity mirror venetian mirror. finishing antiques are displayed from the vanity mirror that.

Provide beauty and comfort in our homes is a major goal early owners. designing the interior of the house must be done first. Therefore we provide an overview that by installing a mirror into the interior of the craft can give a distinct impression. A craft that can be used that mirror vanity mirror. This is actually kind of mirrors have been around hundreds of years ago. But not everyone can have it because the price is expensive and difficult to find. Only rich people or people of a particular group can have. such as: room princess castle, palace or royal officials.

Vanity mirrors is a wall of glass ornaments created by the way in the manufacture engraved on each piece of glass.
bevel the edges of the glass and given a motive or basin that provide beauty on the edge and not too sharp when held.

Made by hand and customized with a motif that has been designed previously. No motive oval, rectangular, square, octagonal and other designs. vanity mirrors for now readily available, because of the many design interior designer who uses this type of mirror as a complement to satisfy their costumer, many manufacturing or supplier of glass trying to make it. One of supplier in Indonesia is Margo Glass Gallery.

Why the Vanity Mirror? because by installing a mirror on the wall turned out to provide more functionality or benefits for the occupants. In addition to making a home more elegant turns with hanging vanity mirror on the wall can provide beauty, also looks wider space. besides, if the central of Java Indonesia especially said, the mirror can also be used as a repellent negative things that will go into the house. and that it was justified by the china or addition to these benefits, it has a vanity mirror flexible properties. This mirror will graciously installed  anywhere. Like in the living room, dressing room, bathroom, family room, or on the table or console and cabinet.

Vanity mirror has been known throughout the world. strangely in each country has a specific name. If in Italy, known as the vanity mirror, if in Europa, china, India is widely known as the venetian mirror, in America, Australia, Singapore many say venetian venetian glass wall mirror or mirrors, that in Indonesia known as the glass sculpture.

Other than that the uniqueness of this mirror is the longer he was apparently more expensive. because the mirror will be change and looks old. and are well known for glass vanity mirror antiques. There is a saying the more expensive the older apparently fit this mirror. Saying it makes one glass supplier in Indonesia was inspired to create a new mirror but it will seem longer.
Therefore it is not going to lose that hung vanity mirror as complement your home decor.