Venetian Wall Mirror

Venetian Mirror Style, Sophisticated For Home Decoration – The mirror is one of the multifunctional decorative elements, its presence in a room will add a stunning impression. Over time, many types of mirrors are currently being introduced. Like the Venetian mirror style, this type is an art of carving carved according to ornate patterns.This element is able to record sophistication in any environment.

So do not be surprised if its use is increasing day by day. The process of making carvings still uses the traditional way that is done by reliable artists. Because, the results also pocketed a very high artistic value. Not surprisingly, the price is relatively more expensive than other types. But you don’t need to worry about the quality, according to the nominal you spend.

Venetian mirror oval
Venetian mirror oval

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Then do you want to create sophistication in a secret room in your home? If so, you can work around this using a venetian mirror. With its application you will discover great things that you have never seen before. This mirror is very striking, and is a great resource for decorating the walls of a home. Well, look for the images that we have collected, so you know how to make the most of this sophisticated masterpiece.

Venetian mirror in the hall

This type is an ideal interior complement to provide comfort. One of the most interesting styles is, Antique venetian mirror. This element is quite popular in its use among the wider community. The reason is that it emphasizes the classic impression, where this style is rare. Its presence in a hall, of course, will add a more elegant feel. This style is perfect for those of you who like the old school atmosphere.

antique venetian mirror
antique venetian mirror

Venetian mirror in the bathroom

If there is one most important room where the mirror is the most important element, it is the bathroom. In addition, it can also be used as an alternative for a narrow room. Because the mirror gives the illusion of a larger room. For that you need to apply a Small venetian mirror in your bathroom.

small venetian mirror
small venetian mirror

For the type of mirror above, the thickness of the mirror used is 5cm overall, and for the rear frame using 12-18mm multiplex. In addition, you can also use other types, such as a Large venetian mirror to add to your collection of mirrors in your home.

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