What is Convex Mirror or Concave Mirror?


Convex mirrors when hanging on the main wall of the house play a role as security in running the household. The room is often placed at the front of each house or one level of the main entrance in the layout and next to the dining room, a convex mirror is allowed to oversee the activities in and out of all activities in the room. With a large size with the motif of the Convex mirror antique, the distance between the living room and the dining room can be clearly seen. Of course when there are guests it is also very obvious. Therefore, convex mirrors are known as mirror security heads or service heads in security.

Another name for this mirror is the Mirror banker. Since the 16th century and before, these mirrors have been used by bankers, goldsmiths and office moneylenders to oversee the room thoroughly. Because this mirror has a broad reflection power, so it is used as a security aid.

This painting depicts Regency food. Pay attention to the mirror of the servant’s head at the top right of the image. In addition to Convex mirrors when hanging in front of the main door in a house or office to be a head of security, if hanging on a Living room sofa will be an elegant and luxurious wall decoration. A little extra black bitnik on the Large mirror convex decorative makes the style look vintage.

Today, a lot of Manufacturer Mirror convex try to process these vintage-style mirrors into mirrors with modern styles. Additional bubble engraving on the frame surrounding the convex mirror creates its own style in its class. Of course antique mirror glass is the choice for the end of the color of this mirror. Size of 110 cm round (convex 90 cm + frame bubble mirror 10 cm each side) is very good installed in the living room precisely in front of the main door. Can also add a wooden cabinet underneath the size of the WDH 120 x 50 x 100 cm in the family room into a luxurious interior. Other round convex, Margo Glass Gallery can make Convex Mirror Oval or Rectangular Convex Mirror style with custom measure and finish.

Besides Mirror Banker, Convex wall mirrors are also referred to as Mirror Eyes Dreams. The name of the dream is taken because when we reflect in front of us we will see our shadow that looks bigger and sways magically when we shake. Because the shadow is as if we are dreaming. Whereas the best name for a convex mirror is ” concave wall mirror” – which literally translates as ‘witch’s eye’! In France, and elsewhere in medieval Northern Europe, the convex mirror was associated with mechanical strength. It is thought, like a big eye, a convex mirror can observe its surroundings and drive out evil forces. Therefore, it is usual to place a mirror at least one door or window to prevent the entry of crime.