Beveled Mirror

5 Reasons Why Choose Beveled Murano Mirror for Room Decoration in Your Home


Beveled Mirror

You can count on the mirror as an accessory to decorate the room in your favorite home. One mirror that you can use is the beveled Murano mirror.

Not without a reason why this mirror can be your mainstay. The reason, one of the elements that make it interesting is the shape of the surface of the mirror. If you prefer abstract and irregular shapes, then this mirror model is highly recommended for you to use.

Not only that, but there are also several more reasons why you might need to use this type of mirror to decorate the room in your house. Check out the review below.

Beveled Mirror

Trusted brand

Murano is a manufacturer that produces mirrors as well as various interior equipment made from glass with very beautiful, good, and interesting works. Many room designs with modern elements while still maintaining the classic style they have, make the room look calm but luxurious.

Murano itself is a producer from Italy. Of course, as we know ourselves, wherein that country there are truly quite a lot of artists who create various interesting and amazing works of art, including applying their art to this mirror.

Best quality

Besides being a well-known brand that has been known by many consumers, of course, the goods produced by it, including mirrors, the quality is no doubt. Of course, this is due to the experience factor in the manufacturing process that they have done before, which also becomes their confidence as well as their proof in providing the best quality products for their consumers.

There are many shape models

When compared with ordinary mirrors, it can be said that this beveled Murano mirror has an abstract shape and size, but still emphasizes and shows the artistic value that makes it interesting.

From there too, there are various models of forms that have been created so that from one form to another it is not the same. Make it look like the best product with limited stock. Even with the many model shapes offered, of course, you can also choose the shape model that suits your tastes and needs later.

Fits the classic home design concept

This type of mirror is perfect if you apply it to interior designs that carry classic themes or medieval trends. Make the room look alive and elegant. Therefore, if your house is large enough, spacious, and carries the theme of interior design, the mirror is the best choice you need to choose.

Has a high focus value

With the size and shape that is not as usual and larger, sometimes making it a decorative accessory that has a high enough focus value, where every look when they are in this room will easily focus on the mirror.

Therefore, you can make it a stand-alone decoration and do not need to be added with a variety of other supporting accessories, such as a table, books, or a small flower vase. Even so, you are still allowed to add some other decoration accessories, as long as it doesn’t make it look weird and be too forced later.


Even so, everything will return to your decision. Therefore, some of the reasons mentioned do not have to be obeyed, but only help you to apply beveled Murano mirrors in your home later.