Venetian Mirror Antique

The Price Of An Venetian Mirror Antique is Proportional to Level Of Complexity – Venetian Mirror Antique is a combination of an engraved mirror with an antique mirror. Venetian antique mirrors are a piece of history and the furniture is unique in the Venetian style. There was a time when Venetian-style items removed the walls of the house. In modern times the venetian mirror is as popular as ever, but it is more likely to take part in a dressing table or hang on the wall, as an elegant decorative element. Antique Venetian mirrors have held up better in the flow of time.

The beginning of making this venetian antique mirror by engraving the glass on each part is still done manually by mirror artists. The carvings on each part are usually floral, batik or grass motifs to be precise. The appearance of the carving is silver and shiny like a mirror.

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Antique Venetian Mirror
Antique Venetian Mirror

All of these mirrors use 5mm thick glass. To get this glass we took from buyers who have worked together for many years. There is no doubt about the quality of our glass, because we have quality control (QC) personnel to check the glass with predetermined standards and improve product quality before it reaches consumers.

Making this is painstakingly easy to make a combination of Venetian Mirror motifs and then antiqued. There is twice the work compared to making a single patterned mirror. Why do you say it works twice??? Because the first to make the glass into a mirror carving first and then processed again into an antique mirror.

Even though antique mirrors seem old, it turns out that all the glass materials used are not old glass and are all created by new glass. Therefore, even though there are many requests it is not difficult for the problem of raw materials. In the nitrate process or the process of changing plain glass into mirror glass, this is what determines the process of changing Antique Style Mirror glass.

Venetian Antique Mirror
Venetian Antique Mirror

Making antique mirrors yourself do not think using ordinary materials but by using raw materials that are not arbitrary. The raw material used is silver. This type of chemical itself turns out to be a fantastic price of around 10 million per kg. But to sprinkle this silver is not just sprinkled on the glass. Before being used, these chemicals are weighed or measured first so that they are not used too much.

Raw materials other than silver include mixed raw materials, namely the chemical process of HCL mixed with water, and chlorine, caustic soda, and ZN. It is this mixture that produces yellow, black, purple bubbles on the screen. This patience and complexity is a challenge for Antique Mirror Company to continue to explore this work of art. With such a complex challenge turned out to be worth the price, there is a price for quality.

Therefore, in terms of the complexity of making antique Venetian mirrors, many are sought after or collected by mirror collectors or ordinary customers because Antique Venetian Mirrors at home will make the atmosphere of the house like in the kingdom because it is widely used by royal families, noble families, and rich families. This mirror is quite expensive because it is rare and anti-mainstream. Now, people use this mirror as a Decorative Mirror.

Antique Mirror Manufacturer hopes to become a medium of art, not just an ordinary craft. Because with manual processing this can make the results more original and epic and different. So don’t be surprised if the price of Antique Venetian Mirror is comparable to the level of complexity of its manufacture.

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By Crystin