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5 Tips on How to Decorate with Mirrors

Other than reflecting light, a Venetian etched mirror can bring a new atmosphere to the room. It is easy to say that mirrors make a room much better.

venetian edge Mirror style
venetian edge Mirror style

However, there are things you should take into consideration when it comes to decorating your home with mirrors. Choosing the perfect mirror is essential, and you have to figure out the character of the room in the first place.

In case you plan to use mirrors as part of your decorative elements, here are things you can consider before buying one.

#1 Placement and reflection

Venetian mirror full length

When choosing a mirror or two, you must figure out where you will place them and how the reflection would look like.

Other than hanging the mirror on the right spot, it should be at the right height. When artworks look better to be hung at the eye level, the mirror placement depends on what to reflect. Feel free to hang it higher or lower, depending on your goal.

Meanwhile, mirrors reflect what in front of them. Even though you use a Claire Venetian mirror, be sure to place it in the right spot. Putting a mirror across the window helps spread the amount of light in the room.

#2 Big is good

Your room won’t get overwhelmed with the presence of a big mirror. Even a big Venetian etched mirror can turn a small room into something attractive.

Venetian mirror full length

Placing a full-length mirror against the wall will make a stunning decorative appearance even in a tiny space. If your hallway is narrow, you should consider locating your mirror on one side of the wall.

#3 Focal point and style

Most rooms in your home require the presence of a focal point. It can be anything, which makes a mirror eligible to be a focal point.

Wall mirrors are a go-to option you should consider in the first place. Meanwhile, you can use a Venetian etched dresser mirror in a living room or bedroom. You need adequate space to put the mirror in the room. Thus, once space is covered, a dresser mirror can be a focal point.

Venetian Mirror

On the other hand, your choice should stay in tune with the entire style of the room. The good news is that Venetian mirrors will suit all interior styles.

#4 Hang properly

Another thing you should ensure about using a mirror for decoration is how you hang it. We don’t recommend using a single hook with wire to hang a mirror. It can be hazardous and cause weird reflections due to improper angles. Be sure to provide enough picture hangers or wall hooks to put a mirror on the wall.

#5 A group of mirrors

Decorating a room with mirrors can be done in many ways. One of them is by arranging several mirrors like you hang photographs on the all. It seems like you create a mirror gallery in the room. Other than that, you can use several shapes and sizes depending on your preference. More importantly, you must include a Venetian etched mirror on the arrangement.