About Venetian Mirror Motif

Many of us already know the Venetian mirror is a masterpiece made of glass that is carved by hand or machine that forms a certain pattern. The Venetian mirror itself was first recognized in Italy in northeastern Italy. No other mirror can beat a stylish mirror. Venetian mirror that has a simple signature and contemporary and modern beauty.Venetian mirror is perfect for all home decor styles.You can find thousands of Venetian mirror styles from any manufacturer and they will beautify your home decor.Inspired by Venetian glasswork using glass fashion high craftsmanship and a touch of traditional and contemporary aesthetic ideas. You can find Venetian style works in cabinets, and Venetian mirrors in furniture such as tables, furniture and more.

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venetian mirror

One of the advantages of the Venetian mirror is that it gives a calm, comfortable and harmonious effect, when you look at the Venetian mirror as if you were relaxing after a hard day’s work. Venetian mirrors also have several motifs that you can get according to your taste in mirror styles such as oval, round, rectangular shapes. , heart, octagon to irregular mirror styles. the first is a mirror with an oval motif of this style that women are interested in. The impression of peace and romance is embedded in this oval motif style, the bedroom is one of the customers of this motif to choose the oval mirror style to make the right choice. Another style. The second is a mirror with a round motif. This motif is certainly already widely known by the public. This motif is simple but has a different impression effect and we can see that people who like this motif do not like to be complicated and people who are a little calm. The third is rectangular. rectangle is the most common form of publication. This style has a formal impression but with this motif it also has many functions, one of which is a rectangular motif, in addition to decoration it can also be used as a place to decorate yourself before leaving the house or after taking a bath. hanging vertically or horizontally, it’s no wonder that many people choose this motif

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rectangular pattern

.the fourth heart motif, identical heart motif with a calm atmosphere, this motif also becomes a rebuttal for women because of its unique design and forms a symbol of the same love that is desired. The fifth motif is octagonal geometric shapes besides rectangles. many people attract enthusiasts to look for designs like this. This motif is very suitable for the living room or in the bedroom and this motif gives the effect of a luxurious impression on every room. This motif is a motif like this outside of geometric shapes. Irregular does not mean arbitrary or not asterism, but is more flexible, combines straight and curved lines, organic shapes, adopts natural shapes, such as flowers, stars, shells, hearts, leaves and other fruits. With this shape, the Venetian mirror will look more expressive, dynamic and not monotonous. The irregular style of the mirror is also easy to become a focal point.

venetian style mirror
irregular motive

Providing beauty in the layout is certainly a priority for the owner. Venetian style mirrors now come with many options. Giving the best for the good quality of the main tasks will be the main. Please get a selection of Venetian mirror motifs here.