Antique Wall Mirror

4 Stunning Ideas of Antique Mirror Tiles

Antique mirror tiles are one of the creative ideas of using mirrors. Just like other mirrors, the tiles are functioned for mirroring. But they are designed in such a way to make a general concept more artistic. This idea is okay to be applied to the floor. This is how tiles should be, isn’t this? However, attaching some plates of the mirror and forming them into tiles are good on the wall. Therefore, they will function just like mirrors, in general. It is for mirroring. So, let’s talk about this idea more.

antique convex mirror

Using Wall Mirror Tiles

As information, tiles you will use here are not tiles to install on the floor. There are special tiles you can use on the wall and some of them are designed very glossily just like mirrors. Wall tiles tend to have more shapes and sizes. For examples, they are antique mirror rectangle tiles, antique mirror round tiles, and also some antique mirror panel tiles. If you want those tiles to have a smaller shape, you can choose the panel ones. It is more suitable for a small and narrow room also. Although those mirror tiles may be made from the same materials, the final touch tends to be different.

Antique glass mirror

Using Conventional Mirrors

Creating the tile concept on the wall doesn’t mean you can only use the real tiles. If you want, you can create antique mirror tiles using the real mirrors minus the frames. So, the mirror is divided into some pieces and then they are put together into a set of tiles. Do you think it sounds too common and not special? Of course, you need to apply some effects so that the antique mirror wall looks unique. For example it is by creating the mercury glass effect. Some brands also have provided this idea. One of them is Margo Venetian Mirror.

Using Colored Mirrors

Many mirrors sold outside are clear just like what you see at your home right now. However, some other mirrors are in colors. Sure, being used for mirroring is not the main function here. The antique glass mirror is for decorations only in the form of mirror tiles. Using colored mirrors is a solution if you want the house not to look too minimalist. Meanwhile, in case, the room has been dominated with one color only, the presence of other colors just makes it livelier. This idea is very good to apply not only in the living room but also the bathroom. You can use it around the main mirror above the bathroom vanity.

Antique glass mirror panel

Concave Mirrors

Flat mirrors as parts of home decorations are not special things. It is getting more special if you dare to try other ideas. One of them is concave mirrors. This type of mirror has many benefits for sure when it is applied differently. But for home decorations, it is purely to add the aesthetic sense. Concave mirrors are available in many shapes. Choose some of them which are not too big so that they can be arranged beautifully as antique mirror tiles.