Venetian: Antique Wall Mirrors Will Give You Different Impression

The mirror can be a sweetener decor of the room that has many functions. Not only as a place to reflect and dress, the mirror could also be enhancing room decor because it can reflect light and make the room seem more spacious. Putting a large mirror in a small room can make the room look great. Do not hesitate to put it in your small space as in the dining room. Adorn the dining room with a mirror not only enhance the look of the room but also can give reflection on the lights and candles on the dining table so that adds to the value of art in the room. Using Antique Wall Mirrors the sky-sky home would only make seem old-fashioned and tacky. It’s like in a cheap motel on some retro movie in the 1970s.

Please note where you will store a mirror in the house. Do not let the mirror is actually a bad effect on your home. Note any possible angle will be reflected by a mirror. If the mirror only reflects the worst corner of your house, better think again to keep it in different places. If you want to follow the rules of Feng Shui, try to keep the mirror at the entrance of the house because it would give the impression of welcome for guests. The use of Venetian Antique Mirrors in the hallways and stairs can make a room seem spacious and creates good reflection of light for the room. According to DeLeon, better not put a mirror in the kitchen because it can make decorations for the worse. The mirror in the kitchen also will not benefit much and just make it look pretty.

In the bedroom, the use of 19th century antique mirror also better be restricted, especially not to put a mirror that can reflect your shadow on waking. Mirror facing the bed can also interfere with the energy supplied to you. The house is a private palace for everyone. Although simple, but if it is the house itself, would still be the best. Inevitably many people designing the interior of their homes as possible to get a comfortable feel.

One of the interior design that always confronts us is a mirror. Objects often functioned as a means of makeup. Over the years, the mirrors then start switching functions to complement the interior décor. The growing trend now is to put a mirror as a manipulator. That is to make a small room look bigger, especially for a large mirror on the wall. Almost every house has a mirror on the wall. For the design of the house, the unique shape of the mirror can make the walls more alive. When you put a large mirror in a room, definitely a different impression than you would get if only ordinary wall. Mirror not only patterned plain. You also can use a mirror or Antique Wall Mirrors that have been painted with a model and a unique design that feels, more alive.