Antique Mirror

Antique glass mirror for interior decoration.

As an artwork, it’s valid only if you present the form of antique glass mirrors as interior living room photo as a classic style. Sphere model with rectangular and bubble carved around on the frame, and forms a mirror that looks old owner satisfaction. Antique mirror is a reflection of the difficulty in looking for a rare, but because of the large demand for this moment, a public facility-based service in Central Java area of the concept of space is elegant, chic, and luxury.
The impression of luxury and elegant at present with large framed mirror featuring a classic, sharp angle corner edges notched beautiful ornaments add beauty mirror.
Utilization of antique mirror as one of the interior decorative elements in the new actual start dasawarnsa ago. Humans see the antique mirror as a multifunctional material with a variety of benefits. Here we describe some of its usefulness for the interior decoration of the easiest in the meet.

Use a glass mirror as a space artwork is the most we have encountered. but, if you use antique mirror as the artwork, very rarely encountered. in order to make the artwork, the form factor, size, and mirror frame design in use may be just a plain flat mirror is old, or have a lot of black spots, smoke. Because of the limited material such as glass, then try to reproduce the new glass artisans made ​​like the old look. On the glass before the rope would seem not good, but once in combination with a special frame, the mirror becomes a beautiful artwork. Or it could be in use a mirror without a frame. If so, factors such as shape and cutting the mirror must be worthy of artistic value made ​​in a display object.

Antique glass mirror as a function of space allows artwork everywhere present, infinite function space. In terms of price, antique mirrors which are relatively expensive compared to ordinary glass mirror.

This antique glass mirror can stand alone but are also often fitted with furniture. this is related to the primary function of the mirror, that is for the artwork, makeup or tidy appearance. here the mirror is designed as a single unit with furniture. Equipped with the usual furniture mirror is a glass cabinet and dressing table mirror.