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Antique Style Mirror Is a mainstay that is usually used as a collection of mirror lovers. Because Antique style mirrors are rarely found in various places. Besides that, it is also to add to the interior of your home. The mirror that is owned by an antique mirror can also be used as an investment.

The mirrors that become the collection are usually artful mirrors and antiques which make the mirrors very expensive and are hunted by collectors. Antique mirror are not only for collectors, mirror lovers are also interested in people who want to find mirrors for home decoration. which will make your room look more classy.

Antique Style Mirror makes a memorable house interesting to look at for views on the walls of the house. In order for the house to look classic and elegant, a house with this style is very suitable if it is paired with Antique Style Mirror decorations.
Antique Mirror or antique mirror was originally discovered by accident due to the oxidation process between the mirror coating and moist air, but because it gives an effect that supports classic and industrial designs, architects and designers often use the rusty mirror effect as an accent in design.

Antique Style Mirror In addition to glass or for decoration, it can also beautify the interior of the room by giving the illusion effect so that the room looks spacious. Mirrors also function to reflect sunlight so that the room looks bright. Here’s the function of Antique Mirror:

• Beautify the interior space.

By using an Antique Style Mirror on the wall, of course, it will beautify the room. The mirror can also be placed in the right place so that it can add to the effect of beauty in the room, for example on a tv backdrop or placed in the living room.

Antique Syle Mirror Borobudur
Antique Syle Mirror Borobudur

• Gives the illusion effect so that the room is more spacious.

If you have a minimalist space or a space that is not too wide, then using a mirror is perfect to help the room look spacious. The walk-in closet will appear wider than its actual size. The mirror can also be placed in the bedroom or other not-too-large room.


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• Mirrors can reflect light.

One of the benefits of mirrors for interiors in the house is that the mirror can reflect light so that if the mirror is exposed to light it can make the room bright. So automatically we also don’t need to turn on the lights during the day instead, so we will save electricity.

antique mirror
Antique Style Mirror 3D

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