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Things to Consider about Antique Mirror into Your Décor

The presence of an antiqued glass mirror in a room can make or break the vibe in the entire scene. As long as you know how to do with what you have, it will turn out fine.

Antique mirrors, on the other hand, give a luxurious impression while adding interest and depth to the room. If you plan to work some mirrors with an antique sense into your room, we have several things you can try on.

antique glass mirror
antique glass mirror

Shining first impression

Hallways seem like the trickiest spot to beautify. The room is narrow, but leaving it without proper treatment is such a waste. So, how will you decorate your hallway with an antique mirror?

Install several full-length mirror glass panels on one side of the wall. It will reflect the room and make it appear bigger. If your goal is to make a shining impression, this arrangement will make your goal come true.

Backsplash surprise

A backsplash is commonly boring. You can work your antique things in the kitchen too. By using antique glass tiles for the backsplash, you will achieve a different look in the kitchen. The antique style makes an accent in a modern kitchen that comes with simple lines all over the room.

Antique Venetian Wall Mirror
Antique Venetian Wall Mirror

Privacy with mirrors

Decorating your home with various antique mirrors shouldn’t be that hard. Tweaking the traditional vibe spread by the antique style allows you to get a unique look in every room you decorate.

Using antiqued wall mirror pieces in the bathroom is another good idea. You can install the mirrors on the inside part of the sliding doors. Thus, when the doors are closed and the privacy is on, the bathroom will appear bigger. When you place the mirror across the windows, the combination brings better lighting together.

antique mirror

Linking all materials

If you are not sure where to put your antiqued glass mirror, you can always put it in the kitchen. Mirrors can serve as the connector between materials in the room.

For instance, your kitchen may come in two or three different colours which will be linked by the mirror. Meanwhile, the antique style brought by the mirror will be another accent in the kitchen. You will never go wrong with an antique mirror in the kitchen. Grab your favourite pieces from the antiqued mirror supplier nearby.

Antique Mirror Deco brown

Mirror as an artwork

You shouldn’t limit the use of mirrors in your home. Even the antique ones can turn into stunning artwork in the room.

Placing marbled antique mirror glass in the dining room, for instance, is a good idea. To nail the classic style, you can bring some details and glamour through chandeliers and a wooden dining table.

Distressed Wall Mirror Diagonal MG 014125
Distressed Wall Mirror Diagonal MG 014125

About the mirror glass, bevelling the edges will create such a majestic look. Besides, a style is all about detail, after all.


More than anything mirrors always make small rooms appear bigger. They come as something functional with additional aesthetical values here and there. Keep in mind that you will never go wrong decorating your home with the antiqued glass mirror.

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