Charming Antique Mirror to the Focal Point of your Living Room

Charming Antique Mirror to the Focal Point of your Living Room

The living room is the first room that guests visit. In this room also that will give the impression of comfortable and beautiful whether or not a house. If the living room looks neat and beautiful, it must be the same with other rooms in the house. One of the aspects that will make your living room beautiful is to place a Decorative Mirror. We will give you recommendations for decorative mirrors that are suitable for the living room. These mirrors will make your living room more beautiful and comfortable to look at.

1. Antiqued Wall Mirror Mosaic No Flowers

Antiqued Wall Mirror  mosaic No Flowers is a decorative wall mirror. This decorative wall mirror can be displayed on the living room wall. We highly recommend this wall mirror on the living room wall specially behind the sofa because it will add aesthetic when you enter the house and also make your living room look wider. So, this mirror can be used for both narrow and wide living rooms. Moreover, the mirror suit for a house with Contemporary, American, Victorian, and Modern design. Antiqued Mirror Wall Panels has a thickness of 5mm and measures 20 x 20 cm. The wooden frame is affixed behind the mirror with a black paint finish. This mirror is distressed mirror style using an 18mm multiplex. Having two original sizes, 60 cm x 120 cm and 80 cm x 140 cm, makes it easier for you to choose the fit size for your living room.

Antiqued Wall Mirror Mosaic No Flowers affixed to the wall by hanging. For packaging, we use double cardboard, full cover mirror bubble pack plastic and each mirror size uses 2 cm Styrofoam to protect each side of the mirror. And use wood to finish packaging according to international standards. The price includes insurance if there is damage in the delivery we will replace it. For more info visit Antique Wall Mirror Mosaic No Flower MG 014344.

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Antique Wall Mirror Panels

Antique Wall Mirror Panels

2. Antique Mirror Ezra

Antique Mirror Ezra is suitable for decorating living rooms with various home designs such as Mediterranean, Contemporary, Colonial, etc. This decorative mirror can be hung vertically or leaned against the wall according to your taste. We recommend placing this mirror in the corner of your living room to make an elegant impression and next to the window for neat looks. The Antique Mirror Ezra is 5 mm thick with a wooden frame fixed with glue and screws. This will make it stick firmly to the mirror so it won’t easily come off the mirror body. The back of the mirror uses a wooden frame and multiplex with a 12-18mm thickness. Use black paint for the finishing part behind the mirror.

The price of Antique Mirror Ezra includes ISPM and fumigation certificates, as well as insurance in case of damage in transit. This Antique Distressed Mirror style mirror has international packing standards, packing using double carton boxes, bubble pack plastic covering the mirror and each mirror size using 2 cm Styrofoam to protect each side of the mirror. The normal size of Antique Mirror Ezra is 142 x 76 cm and can be customized according to consumer demand. Are you Interested?? You can visit Antique Mirror Ezra MG 014160 for details.

Antique Mirror Style

Antique Mirror Style

3. Bubble Mirror Wall Décor

This bubble mirror is a decorative mirror that is suitable to be placed in the living room. Especially for living rooms with Minimalist, Victorian, and Mid-century designs. We recommend sticking this mirror in the middle of the back wall of the sofa. So when guests come, the bubble mirror will give an attractive and aesthetic impression in your home. Having a glass thickness of 5mm, this mirror is equipped with a multiplex on the back with a 12-18 mm thickness and is arranged on a wooden frame. Bubble mirror has two hangers, so it will stick to the wall perfectly. Prices for bubble mirrors include certificates and insurance in delivery.

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Antique Mirror Bubble

Antique Mirror Bubble

The original size of the bubble mirror is 91 cm, not too big and not too small to decorate the living room. But, you can also customize the size according to your needs. If you prefer a big size bubble mirror model, there is a bubble mirror with Antique Mirror Rectangular shape called Bubble Mirror Wall Mirror. It has a size 100 x 200 cm. This model can be placed in the middle of the living room wall to give the spacious, clean and attractive room impression for your living room. You can check Contemporary Antique Mirror Bubble MG 014159 for order if you are interested with this one.


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