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Convex Mirror Wall Decoration Interested During The Pandemic –The pandemic period makes all activities completely paralyzed, everyday life just sitting at home will cause boredom and confusion.
If this happens gradually over a long time, it may trigger stress, to avoid this we need to do something fun.
One of them is by redecorating the room, with a Convex mirror wall decoration.
The choice of mirror also has a positive impact.

A convex mirror is a glass with a curved reflecting plane like a shiny ball.
Initially only a sheet of glass that was conjured into a masterpiece which had high artistic value.
This mirror can make your room look more charming and elegant.
To be able to achieve the desired look, you can use a Round convex mirror as a decorative decoration in the house.
With a touch of this gold color, the impression is more luxurious and royal.

antique convex mirror

This unique decoration is ideal if placed in any room.
Her presence makes everyone who sees her amazed by her beauty.
This mirror is approximately 5mm thick, with a back frame of 12-18mm multiplex.
For those of you who have a minimalist room, but still want to look charming, you can use a Small convex mirror.
Its proper placement will give more illusion to the room.

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During this pandemic, convex mirror enthusiasts are increasing, because of their uniqueness and various functions.
Well, here are its various functions:

 – Make the Room Look Wider

Its use will also give the illusion of a wider, because the nature of this mirror scatters light.
In addition to making the appearance look wider, it can also maintain positive energy in the house.
Even a narrow room will be felt with this mirror.

– Beautify the appearance of the room

By presenting this mirror can make your room look more beautiful.
This golden mirror gives the impression of its own beauty in a room.
Not only that, this mirror is unique, and not all homes make this mirror as a decoration.

Choosing a Decorative convex mirror is the best option for the interior.
In addition there is also an Antique convex mirror, this mirror is more towards the classic style.
Comes with uneven black spots on the surface of this mirror, making the impression even more beautiful.
This mirror has its own charm because of its beauty, not a few people are hunting for it to get a classic impression on the room.

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