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Glass Convex Mirror, Useful Mirror that You Can Use for Security

Convex Mirror is a Glass Convex Mirror invented in the 10th century by Ibnu Sahl, an Arab physicist. This glass convex mirror is also referred to as a safety mirror or a bend mirror. Currently, there are lots of decorative convex mirrors that are not only useful for security but also for aesthetics. Convex mirror manufacture companies have started making Custom Convex Mirror to provide more benefits for their users.

The Benefits of Convex Mirrors You Need to Know

Convex mirrors are used to reduce blind spots and provide a wider view, thereby reducing accident rates by helping detect vehicles in the opposite direction. The driver can adjust the position and speed of the vehicle when turning a corner if there is this mirror.

However, the uses of Convex Wall Mirrors are not only for the bend roads, but also on branching roads. Not only that, this mirror is also suitable for use in the home or building area. For you who work in industries with high risk, you also need to consider this mirror as a tool to help improve safety in the workplace.

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Rustic Frame Convex Mirror

The is actually made of polycarbonate material on the frame which is equipped with a convex mirror surface made of acrylic material that is anti-shatter. This mirror is also designed to be able to withstand hot temperatures and cold weather. The thickness of acrylic that use for this Small Convex Mirror is usually about 3 mm and the minimum diameter is 90 cm. This mirror must be placed 2.5 meters from the ground and must pass national and international laboratory tests. Convex mirrors are also equipped with mirror frames and caps.

The Characteristics and Types of Convex Mirrors that You Should Know so You Can Use It according to Your Needs

The characteristics of the convex mirror such as can spread the received light or diverge. The resulting image also cannot be clear like glass in general, but the image is false, straight, and reduced compared to the original object.

For its own types, convex mirrors are distinguished based on the uses of convex mirror, that are indoor and outdoor. Indoor convex mirrors are commonly in the form of a Concave Wall Mirror that will give an effect where the nature of the image will be enlarged. Its use is only for indoor areas such as homes and buildings. Currently, various kinds of Convex Mirror Décor are starting to appear that can be your inspiration for use indoors.

The second type of convex mirror is an outdoor convex mirror. The surface of this mirror makes street users more careful because the results of this mirror are virtual and reduced. Therefore, it is used at bend roads or accident-prone points.

Currently the convex mirrors are very important for you to consider considering this tool is not only for the decorative side but also useful. You can easily buy this convex mirror in offline or online stores.

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How to Choose the Right Large Convex Mirror

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