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Create Work Spirit by Convex Mirror Round in the Office Room

Create Work Spirit by Convex Mirror Round in the Office Room

Margovenetianmirror.com – Office space or a place where the activities of employees or employees are used. The time spent by employees or employees can be longer compared to other places. So to increase effectiveness and performance, office space requires an interior or decoration that is good for hours in the office and just looking at the decorations which of course can be boring and boring.

A unique decoration that is suitable to be placed in the workspace is the Convex Mirror Round. Spherical Convex Mirror has various functions, depending on the type. You can use it for rearview mirrors, vanity mirrors, wall hangings, and even windows. Because, there are many models of convex glass.

Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror

Apart from its various uses, you can also choose from various Custom Convex Mirrors according to your preferences. Starting from plain, contemporary, elegant, unique, and many more. Equipped with a choice of colors for the glass frame, making it more beautiful. But still in accordance with the characteristics of the round basin on this type of glass.

In addition to beautifying the room, placing Convex Wall Decor in the workspace can also help expand the room and reduce stress. In addition, the presence of unique elements around the convex mirror allows a person to look at the mirror longer because of its uniqueness. There are many types of Convex Mirror Round ranging from motifs, sizes and colors that can be used as workspace decorations, including:

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1. Mirror Pattern

There are many types of convex mirror motifs, one of which is Convex Mirror Antique. Have you seen this Antique Convex Mirror in your office ??? Surely never right?? The antique convex mirror motif is a unique match for the decoration of the workspace, namely the unique pattern, namely the antique convex mirror, Convex Mirror Antique.

This type of mirror motif is a convex mirror with black spots on the mirror. This motif is very beautiful to be used as a decoration in the workspace with the design of small spots in various parts of the convex mirror, giving a different atmosphere like life in the 1950s because it looks antique.

Convex Mirror Antique

Convex Mirror Antique

2. Mirror Color

There are many types of convex mirrors, one of which is Green Convex Mirror, Brown Convex Mirror, Silver Convex Mirror, Blue Convex Mirror, and Black Convex Mirror. The selection of mirrors to be used as decorations in the bedroom should not be arbitrary, why is that????? Because the selection of a mirror that is not suitable for the workspace will actually worsen the appearance of the workspace so that it is seen as unpleasant. You need to think about what mirror color is suitable for the office space.

For example, white wall paint, the type of mirror color can use blue. This Blue Convex Mirror is no less beautiful and beautiful than other mirrors, take a look at the color which is very elegant and coupled with antique motifs making the impression of this mirror modern and classic combined with an iron plate to make the mirror look elegant.

Convex Mirror Round Blue

Convex Mirror Round Blue

3. Mirror Size

Round convex mirrors have several sizes, ranging from Small Convex Mirrors to Large Convex Mirrors. The size of the mirror must match the narrow area of the office. Small Convex Mirrors have a diameter of 40 – 60 cm, while Large Mirrors have a diameter of 80 – 100 cm.

The selection of a convex mirror for a narrow or small room, a convex mirror is used with a small size. The purpose of using a small size in a narrow room so as not to take up a lot of space. While the room that looks large can use a large size.

The round convex mirror is a masterpiece in a traditional way in a unique and definite way, the mirror which was originally a plain sheet has been transformed into a luxurious home decoration, so it is not surprising that many people like it. Mirrors to be installed in any environment, one of which is an office space.

There are many things that can be done to always be enthusiastic about work. One of them is to decorate the room properly and as comfortably as possible. Choose a unique and minimalist decoration so that it does not take up space but still provides benefits. Interested in filling your work wall décor with the products above? You can find it at Convex Mirror Company, a handicraft company that manufactures and wholesales Indonesian Venetian mirrors.

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