Distressed Wall Mirror to Create Positive Vibes in The House

Margovenetianmirror.com – The covid-19 virus that hit Indonesia makes us stressed, because we are asked to limit activities and do more activities at home. There are many ways to relieve stress by creating a positive vibe at home and elevate the mood by changing up the décor a bit with a Distressed Wall Mirror.

This Antique Style Mirror is just like any other type of antique but differs only in the amount of antiquity. This mirror looks really dirty like a broken mirror. You can distinguish it from other types, this mirror is full of black or black spots that are very visible on the mirror.

Distressed Wall Mirror
Distressed Wall Mirror

Before going further to discuss home décor, does anyone know about Positive Vibes??? Well, the meaning of positive vibes is synonymous with motivation, but this word is also used when communicating among young people as slang. In the urban dictionary, the term Positive Vibes means a positive aura emitted by someone who can encourage people to think positively and also do positive things (Tribune Pekanbaru.com).

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Just imagine when we stay at home or after leaving the house when we come home from work, the mind is stressed because work until we get home only sees an empty wall without any Wall Decorations or anything else, no eye washing will make us more bored, boring and will result in stress.

Distressed Mirror
Distressed Mirror

This mirror uses a glass thickness of 5mm with good product quality. The size of this mirror can be small or Large Mirror. The mirror is hung or affixed to the wall according to your taste. You can put it in any room that you think is suitable in view such as the living room, family room, bed or other room.

The specialty of this antique distressed mirror will create or create a sense of enthusiasm or positive aura when looking at this mirror. Because this mirror will remind us of the old days so that we remember our ancestors who used to work hard and tirelessly then it will arouse enthusiasm again and will create a positive vibe in our bodies.

Rectangular Mirror
Rectangular Mirror

Antique mirrors are unique and some people have a hobby of collecting this kind of mirror because it is durable and has a beautiful history. Maybe you’ve heard about the high price, someone judges not only by the price but the artistic value contained in it.

This Distressed Wall Mirror has several types of motifs such as carvings that are usually hung on the wall or panels attached to the wall. The shape also varies, it can be Square Mirror or Rectangular Mirror according to the needs and conditions in the house.

You can get this Distressed Wall Mirror or other types of antique mirrors at Antique Mirror Company. Not all glass companies or craftsmen can make antique mirrors, so don’t just choose a company to get this mirror.

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By Crystin