Heart Venetian Mirror Large

Venetian mirror for long time has proven for its romantic and classic style for mirror decorative. For your home décor, this mirror will be perfect to combine with your furniture as home decor and it will upgrade your house appearance. It has varies of styles that will give you more inspiration for your home décor. When you want to have beautiful mirror hang on your bedroom, try to hang heart Venetian mirror large and look for its dramatic effect that will make you love it. Heart Venetian mirror large has several shapes and cut that will give you more options to choose between it.

Elegant heart shaped mirror from decorative mirror has unique designs for crown engraved in the bottom and the upside of the mirror and the side frame. It has dimensions of height 94cmx 63cm x 1.5cm. Try to place the vintage heart Venetian mirror large of 45cmx36 cm mirror size. You can choose from many unique engraved designs in the heart shaped mirror Venetian. You can place it in your living room and dining room. Designed with etching, heart shaped Venetian mirror is great for your living room. it has black backboard with silver side frame that will perfect in your white or cream paint wall.

Stunning engraved heart shaped mirror that has size of 90x63x1.5 will great when it combine with candle light in your dining room. The mirror frame has dot engraved and in four wind direction it has small details of crafted details. Looking for full engraved Venetian mirror style? Try this heart full frame shaped Venetian mirror. It has full engraved side frame and the upside crafted with leave details craft.  Venetian crested heart cut mirror is another style that will offers you different options for heart shaped Venetian mirror styles. Get more Venetian mirror heart shaped for our inspiration in your home décor stores.