Venetian Mirror Heart

Small wall mirror

small wall mirror is a mirror for the wall on living room or bedroom. This is actually a type of antique mirror. but for now wall mirror is still regarded as a mirror of choice for many households. Venetian wall mirror has a mirror can be the pride in the living room and like to hang a hand crafted work of art on the walls. Many people say small wall mirror because of its small size.

This mirror has only a 80cm high x 40cm wide and 3cm thick. material of glass is 5 mm thickness. get a small wall mirror design in accordance with decorate your home, because small wall mirrors have a large collection of designs such as round, oval rectangular, Octagonal, and much more. Timeless elegance of this mirror is unparalleled, especially in terms of using mirrors as a garnish. venetian mirror wall completely of glass ornaments and glass pieces that make up each design can create the classic style. although made by handicraft but not in doubt from the point of his art. because to make such a mirror is really in need of a professional in field and has to go through a long process.

In addition to natural color, small wall mirrors can also be combining with mirror color. small wall mirror easy to can hang vertical or landscape on the wall. certainly in accordance with the choice of your wall.

Besides to be small wall hangings to wall mirrors are also elegant wedding, a birthday for someone we love, for gift. Because it is easy in carrying and hanging on every aspect of the wall.
This versatile mirror and known by those in all walks of life and they will go well with most types of furniture in the room, while providing a focal point for guests to admire every time they come to visited.